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Aug 1, 2013 06:55 PM

Romantic Paella restaurant?

I'm looking for a romantic restaurant with paella for a birthday dinner in Manhattan... any suggestions for places with good paella and lovely atmosphere? Thank you!

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  1. I like Soccarat on the west side (19th St). Dark and romantic but I've shared tables there so ask about private seating. Paella is fine.

    1. Paella places don't normally scream romance. Instead you can look at places that serve different Paella variations like Aldea

      1. I think soccarat in soho has a great atmosphere for a date. Better than the original in soho. You won't have to sit at a communal table.

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          agreed that the Soho location of Socarrat is the more romantic of the group. i'm sure you meant to write that it's better than the Chelsea spot.

          1. re: coasts

            Absolutely right. Had soho on the brain.

          1. There's Meson Sevilla in Restaurant Row. It's cheap and cheerful and quite romantic.