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Aug 1, 2013 06:22 PM

Mr. Swank has reason to celebrate! But where?

We dine out a fair amount, and neither of us have much use for stuffiness or pretention. I'm hoping to surprise Mr. Swank with a luscious meal out. He enjoys the big three S's: steak, scotch, spicy food. Both of us enjoy creative preparations and edgy dishes. In other words, Mr. Swank doesn't require a medium-well steak and a baked potato. We can get frisky! Here are my thoughts:

1. Asta -- how is it? Anyone know?
2. JM Curley -- both of us are dying to try it, but I'm wondering if it's too barroom noisy for a celebratory meal.
3. West Bridge -- how big are the portions? Mr. Swank will want to eat a LOT.
4. Off the Boat -- Thought something quirky in East Boston could be fun.
5. Bronwyn -- again, too barroom noisy? Not celebratory enough?
6. Blue Dragon -- both of us are curious.
7. El Centro -- We love the menu. But it doesn't feel "special." Does it?

Oh Hounds, HELP! Mr. Swank needs to pop a cork.

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  1. jm curley's is definitely more of a bar vibe, gets noisy and VERY crowded. west bridge can be cacophonous too, (was there last week for lunch and left with a headache) but i do love the food at both places. neither has what i think of as typically american too-big portions, but that may be too small for the mister?

    been once to blue dragon and did like the food, but it was also very loud.

    all 3 have a pretty casual vibe to them as well.

    i lived near off the boat and it just always smelled like fried food, so it never made me go in.

    have not been to nos. 1,5,7.

    1. west bridge - quite noisy. i eat a lot and found the portions smallish.

      bronwyn - loud too but might be ok if you get a table in the non-bar room. portions are satisfying. i haven't had the haxe but it looked massive.

      1. Why not try Bogie's Place for a quieter atmosphere at JM Curley? It would take care if the steak and scotch quite well.

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        1. re: Gabatta

          I've had two great meals at Bogie's place, and since both were on Monday nights, we had the whole room to ourselves both times. The front room is definitely not a place for a celebration (though the food is quite good).

            1. re: Carty

              A third vote for Bogie's Place!

          1. Skip Off the Boat, been a few times, meh. JM's is fun.

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            1. re: treb

              Be the first on your block - I think Ribelle's opens this week = call and check - it's always iffy to be at in on the first runthroughs but given Strip T's fun menu and innovative food, this may be quite celebratory.

              1. re: teezeetoo

                no matter how skilled the chef and staff i never like dropping large dollars within the first few weeks of anyplace newly opening. i prefer waiting for the training wheels to be off, rather than get run over by them.

                add a special occasion? i'm not that much of a gambler, i guess.

            2. I have had great times at JM Curley but it is loud.

              How about Citizen Public House? Tons of whiskey and pretty interesting menu. Only been once, but had a great date night with the Mrs.