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Aug 1, 2013 06:10 PM

Foodies in Wilmington/Wrightsville NC

Any updates re Foodie worthy spots?! Going to Topsail for 2 weeks and hope to visit the most worthy & interesting places. Price & cuisine are not limitations - looking for great chefs and memorable food. Will hit Manna & Catch. Any other suggestions? Previous posts are from 2011-12, that's an eternity in the restaurant biz.

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  1. Roko and bento box, good food and great values. Manna is probably the best these days. Portland Grille is popular with the film folks.
    Dockside for lunch on the water.

    1. A couple of new places that have had good buzz are Rx and Bourbon Street. Some old favs that are still rockin' include Caprice Bistro and Circa 1922 in Wilmington and 22 North in WB.

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        What's the verdict on the place Keith Rhodes opened in the old Catch restaurant location on Princess St in downtown Wilmington? Its called Phun Seafood Bar? It seems like a cool concept, but I haven't had the chance to try it.

        I've always had good meals at Brasserie Du Soleil.

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          I've heard things about Phun, but also haven't had a chance to try it. I think its open M-F for lunch, and Wednesday - Saturday for dinner.

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            Way better Vietnamese food at Phun than around here :-). In some ways I prefer it to Catch, as the space has a nice feel to it that the new place doesn't have.

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            Definitely second the recommendation for Caprice. Haven't been to Wilmington in a few years, but the meal we had there was very memorable.

          3. Beach Shop in Topsail has pretty good food. In Wilmington, I like Circa and Brasserie du Soleil, and brunch at Dixie. At Wrightsville, Tower 7 has good tex mex

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              Agree with Beach Shop Grill - we like the fish tacos and sweet potato fries there the best (only served at lunch). The kids' favorite there is the banana spring roll. You'll pay as much for dinner as at Catch but sometimes you just don't want to drive off the island or cook. (We also liked Bistro at Just Baked in Surf City last year, didn't get a chance to revisit this year though.)

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                We had lunch at Bay Breeze Restaurant in Surf City (across the street from Daddy Mac's in the old Mollies location). No "bay" in sight, but a marked improvement over Molly's. The fried shrimp were lightly battered and perfectly cooked! My hamburger was so, so... Should have stuck with seafood. Originally, it looks like they were open daily for breakfast, but now are only open for bkft on the weekends. Wait staff were very friendly.

              2. Had lunch this past weekend at Sealevel City Gourmet on Kerr Avenue and thought it was great. One of the specials was a Vermillion Snapper sandwich. Delicious fresh fish, perfectly fried. Lots of veganand vegetarian options too.

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                1. re: carolinadawg

                  Thanks for the recommendation! What a gem!! The Chipotle Lentil Burger with Cheese could replace cravings for beef burgers. Falafel Balls rank in top 2 ever. Quinoa-Kale Tabouleh tangy and refreshing. Will definitely try to get back there a second time.

                  This was so great we were wondering if you have any other favorites in Wilmington/Wrightsville?

                  1. re: foodieinraleigh

                    Glad you enjoyed it. They deserve to do well! The top place I want to try in Wilmington is Rx, on Castle Street near downtown. I've heard lots of great things. Places I've been and recommend in Wilmington are Caprice, Circa 1922, Catch and Phun. In Wrightsville Beach, 22 North is excellent.

                2. We've enjoyed Flaming Amy's Burritos. They have two locations. We haven't tried the Flaming Amy's Burrito Bowl. Also Indochine. They have a nice patio too.