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Late night West Village!

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Plane delayed! We will be landing at little before 12 midnight. Staying in West Village. Any good late night restaurants in the area?

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  1. This is for tonight? On a Thursday night:

    Blue Ribbon Brasserie in Soho - open til 4am
    Joseph Leonard - late night menu midnight - 2am
    Fedora - 2am, late menu is offered midnight – 1 am
    Jeffrey's Grocery - late night menu midnight - 2am
    Chez Sardine - 1am
    Spotted Pig - 2am
    Minetta Tavern - late night menu, midnight - 1am
    Buvette - 2am
    Coppelia - 24/7 diner
    Meatball Shop - 2am

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      Thanks, Kathryn. It is for tonight. Flight keeps getting delayed, so thanks for listing closing times.

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              Wow thanks. I rarely walk on Greenwich Ave , so I never noticed, but good to know , as I am in that area almost daily.