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Aug 1, 2013 04:49 PM

9 days in London...

My wife and I are headed to the UK this November to visit with friends a couple hours north of London and are going to be spending a belated honeymoon in the city afterwards. Essentially we are looking for any must eats, good places to go for cocktails/nightlife, and just any advice anyone has to offer. Any suggestions would be a great help...

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  1. What sort of budget? What kind of atmosphere?

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      What sort of location staying in? What sort of distance prepared to travel? What sort of specific dis/likes re. cuisine?

      And, of course, what sort of shortlist already formed by having searched the board?

    2. Here is a recent thread that might be of interest:

      I highly recommend going to the upper right-hand corner of the page and doing a search for London. You will find hundreds of helpful suggestions already here for you to review. You can also search by topic, such as fish & chips, high tea, pubs, etc.

      1. We haven't decided for sure on where we are staying, but I have a rewards card with Marriott so it will probably be there. Price doesn't really matter, we are looking for a variety of options. So far we found Pollen Street Social, Salt Yard, The River Cafe, & The Jugged Hare. Kitchen Table sounds like a good time, and Polpo seems interesting. We like almost any kind of food. And are willing to travel as long is it can be reached by public transit and is relatively safe for tourists.

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          Errr .... There are 26 hotels in London belonging to the Marriott family.

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            I think the two we were looking at are both near Hyde park...

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              Slightly digressing here - Marriott County Hall is *very* nice :-)

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            There is a thread very similar to yours that was started just a couple of days ago. You should keep an eye on it.


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              I have been looking through it, I didn't notice their thread until after I posted mine.

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                I would be well worth you while to take 10-15 minutes to scroll down thru the posts made over the last week or two. You will find a ton of helpful info already here.

          3. I'm not sure where you are from, but if it's from the States, you probably can get great Italian food where you live, especially if it's a major city. That said, Locanda Locatelli is a first-rate place here in London and serves delicious food in a beautiful setting. I loved the lunch I had there earlier this year. Here's a great review by klyeoh.


            I'd also suggest you have at least one great Indian meal while here. The Bombay Brasserie buffet on weekends is a favorite among many as is Moti Mohal and Trishna. Many restaurants in London have great lunch deals and that's much more economical than their pricey dinners. Have one great afternoon tea and you can skip dinner entirely!

            1. This restaurant is the oldest in London and has a great atmosphere. There is a cocktail bar upstairs which even if you do not go to the restaurant is worth a visit! Have a look at the site, it is definitely a great place to go, full of character. I have been several times and cannot get enough of the place.

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                What are the must have dishes for a first timer to Rules? I have a reservation there for my upcoming trip. Thanks!

                1. re: girlstar

                  My father's a huge fan of the crumble for dessert. It's pretty good.

                  1. re: girlstar

                    Whatever sounds good on the day (but I'd say that about every restaurant).

                    Rules changes its menu to suit the seasons. If I was eating today from the menu currently online, I'd probably be starting with the crab on toast and following it with the turbot.

                    They've already started to incorporate game onto the menu but, for me, that's always autumn food that I'd probably pass on until September. But then, if the menu was still the same, I think the potted shrimps followed by the roast pigeon.

                    I'm not big on desserts but the kir royale jelly sounds a belter.

                    1. re: girlstar

                      I went last summer and this was on the menu: Crispy lamb sweetbreads with breast of lamb & caper mayonnaise. If it still is, then I cannot recommend this starter enough! It was gorgeous.
                      Also, as a side the mashed potato is out of this world!
                      Mains, I love game so Venison or Duck would be a pick for me.
                      For dessert I had a Strawberry ripple arctic roll, again it possible won't be on the menu as it was a year ago and I cannot see it on line but, if it is back when you go, I would have this one again.
                      Make sure you try a cocktail too.

                      1. re: mpepperhouse

                        Are Duck and Venison really game these days. Both are widely farmed. Does Rules specify "wild" and only have them in season or are they year round?

                        1. re: PhilD

                          I think I'd always regard venison as being game - even though most restaurant supplies are from farmed deer, which pretty much guarantees consistency of product.

                          I know that Rules has its own farm, from which it sources beef from the Galloway cattle but there's no mention on the website about whether it farms deer there.

                      2. re: girlstar

                        As Harters points out it will be game season so any game should be good.
                        The starter of hare fillet I had last year was a great piece of cooking.I also tried the missus' hare hot pot which was also great.They do know how to cook hare.
                        For dessert I would suggest golden syrup sponge pudding seeing as it will be winter when you're there.

                        1. re: Paprikaboy

                          Hare starter is fantastic, as are potted shrimps and venison tartare. Fish pie and steak and kidney pie are both lovely.

                          Also ask for a side of truffled macaroni, one of the greatest things ever.