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Aug 1, 2013 04:45 PM

dining group problem

Once a month my husband and i go out to dinner with four other couples. We have been doing this for a year plus and love it. Pne couple a month decide where we are going to go. Several times certain places have been chosen and the rest of the group has said no. Applebees comes to mind. Anyway the august choice is a fusion sushi restaurant. Think rolls with serranos and lots of sauces. I have eaten there and i like it. I love traditional sushi also, but admit to loving a fusion roll. However, the group is now polarized and i am the swing vote. Two couples dont want to, one of which said emphatically no way. But when we go to mexican restaurants and there is cheddar cheese over everything they dont mind. I really dont want to piss off my group but i feel like they are being snobs. I love that we do this, and i have definately gone some places i would never go on my own choice. Im voting for yes on the fusion place (they have great sushi and sashimi that isnt fused) but im bristling at their attitude.

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  1. I would go and support the couple who chose the fusion sushi restaurant. If the others do not want to go, that's fine....they can wait for the next get together.

    1. I don't think a dinner group that would consider Applebees (really???) or "Mexican" covered with cheddar (really???) could be considered snobbish in any way, shape or form.

      If you want to try the fusion place, say "I want to try the fusion place". With your head held high.

      Hope you have a great dining experience.

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        My budget is not unlimitless, and this is about us getting together. I admit to my own food snobberies and am actually glad that you made me become aware of them. Im yucking someones yum. I just want this group to be happy together because i enjoy it. Sidenote.. the applebees thing was from our youngest couple, there was a 'great deal' and they feel like this is balanced more towards our group being together. I respect that

        1. re: Goatjunky

          >My budget is not unlimitless
          wow, that's an impressive expression ...
          or "not lacking in non-unimpressiveness", if you prefer.
          a quad negative?

      2. In a group, you don't always get your preference . Support the person's right to choose.

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        1. It's a big enough group that if one or two couples skip, you're fine. I'd pick what you want. The only time I'd say pick differently is for religious or allergen issues.

          1. Put your choices in a hat or bowl, pick one out and that resolves playing sides.