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Aug 1, 2013 03:26 PM

NICE Best spots for...

Hello again,
I have been researching now for a few months (seriously, you'd think I didn't work FT), and am getting close to organizing the itinerary. I am traveling from Toronto to France for the first time. I just have a few questions about my stop in Nice. Where would you suggest to get the following dishes:
- Pan bagnat
nicoise salad
tourte des blettes
Socca- I have down Nissa Socca, Rene Socca and Lou Pilha Leva- any favourites?

Thank you all in advance!


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  1. "pissaladiere"
    At René Socca.
    Also at the traiteur Quirino on rue Bavastro,

    "Pan bagnat"
    I used to have a fave stand in Beaulieu. It closed years ago and I have been looking ever since. Please report back if you find a tasty one with ingredients and preparation that are obviously not put together half a day ago. Please report back any way.


    "Socca- I have down Nissa Socca, Rene Socca and Lou Pilha Leva- any favourites?"
    René Socca, hands down.

    Btw, "best" has no meaning. I am sharing my own faves.

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      Forgot. Chez Tintin is the recognized institution for Pan Bagnat and Pissalardière in Nice. I have not got there for years, but the last time I tasted them there, they were very good. They famously squirt a little olive oil on the Pan Bagnat right before handing it to you.

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        Thank you!
        What neighbourhood is Chez Tintin in?

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          North of main train station. About a 10 minute walk. Not far from the Russian Orthodox cathedral.
          You can input Chez Tintin Nice France in Google map. You can even find out the walking distance there from wherever you are.

    2. Pissaladière being based on bread dough, you usually find it at neighborhood boulangeries. There are a few in the Vieux Nice, selling it from large flat trays, as it should be.

      While you're at it, if you like good bread, and you see "michette" being sold somewhere, grab it.

      Tourta de bléa (tourte de blettes), pissaladière, michette, etc., can be found here for instance http://bit.ly/19BICID

      1. Another question to help me "fill in the blanks" on my food itinerary- I am staying at the Goldstarr Resort 45 Rue du Maréchal Joffr
        I need a place near the hotel for a great quick breakfast pastry open on a Tuesday. Thank you in advance!

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          Actually you're saying that you need us to direct you to a croissant not far from your hotel in Nice on a weekday?

          Walk a few steps anywhere and you'll find a boulangerie. Rue du Maréchal-Joffre is in a central area, not far from the Promenade des Anglais, so you've still got the big palace hotels to sit down for a decent breakfast if your hotel does not provide that.
          Just bear in mind that Nice isn't butter country and is not particularly known for croissants and the like. A good michette niçoise from a boulanger with butter and a bit of Parma ham, or a slice of pissaladière would be my dream breakfast in Nice.

        2. Go to Espuno, Le Four à Bois, at 35 Rue Droite in Old Nice. Their breads are excellent. They have very good, authentic pissaladère and both sucré and salée tourte de blettes, among other good things. They also have a stand in the Cours Saleya, but going to the bakery is the real experience.

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            Le Four à Bois is my fave bakery also, but the OP wants - "needs" - a breakfast pastry place near his/her hotel.

          2. I liked Rene Socca but I'm no socca expert so see what other people have to say.

            Be sure to have gelato at Fenocchio (yummy!!!). I tried the olive and it is the second best frozen dessert I have ever had.