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Aug 1, 2013 03:01 PM

"Ethnic" restaurants in Plymouth

Hi all,
I'm trying to compile a list of good or even (dare I hope?) excellent "ethnic" restaurants in Plymouth and immediate environs (no more than a 10 or at the very most 15 mile radius). I'm putting "ethnic" in scare quotes because although obviously Italian, French, Irish, English are ethnicities, I'm interested in Portuguese, Mexican (as opposed to Tex-Mex), Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, and whatever else might be good out there. Hole in the wall is totally fine. I know the pickings are slim but is this a completely lost cause?

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  1. I'll be interested if you get even one rec. I know I can't think of one. (Although I'd be shocked if there weren't at least a couple of Thai places in your given radius)


    You may get better responses on this on the So. NE Board as opposed to here.

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      I hear you on the So. NE Board but it's kind of a peeve of mine on these boards that something within a 1 hour drive of downtown Boston somehow might be considered beyond the "Greater Boston Area". Generally miffed that Plymouth gets treated like a geographic no man's land (not close enough to Boston to be mentioned when people are giving recs for the South Shore - even though it is on the South Shore - but not the Cape either).

      Are there really no Portuguese places in the environs?

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        None that come to mind, but New Bedford and Fall River are just a short ride away.

        Unfortunately, Plymouth isn't much of a foodie town, ethnic or otherwise. There's far more horrid options than worthwhile ones, and that's across all cuisines.

    2. Bangkok Thai Cuisine downtown was very tasty back a few years when we ate there. Thai in the late nineties was what frozen yogurt is becoming now, everywhere. I am sure the cooks at these restaurants are getting sick of making vats full of pad thai as that seems to be what the majority of caucasians order. If they only new the calorie count in a serving of pad thai they may make a different choice.

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        I'd never noticed that place. Thanks for this idea...I will definitely check it out.

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          this is not what you asked but still i'm going to recommend to you The Blue Eyed Crab. Broad international influences and very good food our two times there. Same owners as Blue Eyed Pig in Roslindale.

          1. re: opinionatedchef

            Thanks for the idea - I go there quite often and do enjoy it. (If we're just talking about good meals in Plymouth, I like the Rye Tavern too.) BEC reminds me of the kind of seafood you'd find on an island vacation (as opposed to New England fried seafood): pretty cleanly-cooked fish with some spices/a light sauce.

      2. The woman that owns Star of Siam is Thai - the food is pretty decent but a bit overpriced. But I've always wondered if asked to do more authentic Thai dishes if she'd be able to do some upon request.

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          I think you're the second person who's described it as pretty decent. Maybe this is something to try after Bangkok Thai...

        2. The original comment has been removed