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Aug 1, 2013 01:41 PM

Football, Craft Beer & Elevated Pub Fare?

Hey Seattle folks. I'm going to be visiting your great city on vacation in September, which also falls right during the first week of the NFL season. While I've done some extensive research on where we should eat while we're in town, one option has eluded me.

I'm an avid Philadelphia Eagles fan, and I'm looking for a bar that will be a good spot to watch their season debut on Monday Night Football.

I'm not looking for a run of the mill sports bar. It doesn't necessarily even have to be a sports bar at all. Just somewhere that has a good craft beer selection, good food, and a television where I can watch the game.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. I've not been yet, but I've bookmarked for myself a new place in Belltown called Some Random Bar. When I was perusing their website I noticed there were TVs in the bar, and the menu looks great. Maybe other CHs can chime in?

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      Thanks for the recommendation Biankat! That looks like exactly what I'm looking for.

      Unfortunately, it looks like they're closed on Mondays which is when I'd be needing to go. So back to the drawing board for now...

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        Stopped by for happy hour last week and wanted to report back.

        The space was open, airy and felt wonderful after the walk from the ID in the heat.

        The cocktail list had some St. Germain and mezcal concoctions and the wine list impressed my companion who has quite the palate.

        We got a gratis piece of the Chocolate-dipped bacon and, as much as I did not want to feed the bacon hype machine, it was good.

        The house-made garlic roll was yummy but, as always, we could've used a bit more burrata. The wings were a bit of a splurge for the small portion, but seriously, fell off the bone and tasted heavenly. We wondered if they were sous-vide?

        In any case, they seem to be a good addition to the Belltown area. I'm bummed we're not as close as we used to be!

      2. Check out Brouwer's Cafe. Huge selection of local and Belgian beers; good pub food. IIRC, they may only have 1-2 TVs, but I'd be surprised if something other than MNF would be showing.

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          Brouwer's is arguably the best beer bar in the city and has solid food, but it's not a great place to go for sports. There is one TV, no sound, and the tv isn't viewable from every seat in the place.

          1. re: adam _p

            Is there a close-to-best beer bar with excellent food you can recommend? (and zero TVs is fine by me)

            1. re: ChowHap

              This is far from a complete list, but the best beer bars with food in the city, for me, are as follows. If you're visiting and into craft beer I'd try to at least hit the top 2 or 3.

              - Brouwer's Cafe. Best and largest tap and bottle selection in the city. Solid food.
              - Pine Box. Best staff in the city if you're into beer, very knowledgeable and friendly. Great tap list, good to excellent food.
              - The Sixgill. Just down the street from Brouwer's, they are new and the food isn't totally ironed out, but it's good. Full bar and they always have a few ciders on tap.
              - Colin's Pub. If you're downtown. IPA-and high-abv heavy taplist, and the servers rarely know anything about beer, but it's a good spot for a pint with lunch or an after-work beer.
              - Burgundian. Same owners as Brouwer's. Food is very hit and miss. Sometimes it's excellent, but I've had quite a few dud meals as well, seems to depend on who's cooking. Nice tap list, knowledgeable servers, brunch, full bar.
              - Brave Horse Tavern. Tom Douglas' nod to beer in SLU. Can be very full of Amazon employees and can get a bit fratty. Solid tap list, usually very good food although it fluctuates a bit and the staff has seemingly been less static than most Tom Douglas places from what I can tell.

              There's also quite a few places with good food that also have taps or beer in bottles. Quinn's comes to mind at the top of this list. I'm sure others will have more suggestions.

              Brewpubs in Seattle are generally lackluster if you're looking for good food. Maritime's taproom, The Jolly Roger, has its charms, and is the best of the bunch. The beer is consistently good for what it is (Pale, IPA, Alt, etc) and the food isn't bad. Fremont are making the best beer in Seattle at this point, although mainly just standard american styles. Their taproom has no food, but you can bring takeout, as is the case with a lot of beer bars here, like Noble Fir (cool little beer bar in Ballard) and Beveridge Place Pub (they go for a living room kind of vibe with a game room).

              1. re: adam _p

                Thanks for the great reply. Looks like this is going to be a busy weekend.

                1. re: ChowHap


                  If you aren't priortizing atmosphere, Chuck's Hop Shop with it's "food truck du jour" is a beer guy's dream: 38 *good* handles are pulled, and hundreds more in bottles.


              2. re: ChowHap

                The list from Adam P contains most of the top places in the greater downtown area, Capitol Hill and Fremont. The Pine Box, Brouwer's or Bravehorse (or Quinn's in Capitol Hill) probably offer the best combos of beer and food.

                RE: Noble Fir in Ballard (the original bar by the SixGill owners -- a smaller tap list but better atmosphere) the food is limited to cured meats, cheeses, marinated veg etc.

                Urban Family Public House is Ballard a local brewer who also has a really decent guest tap list -- they are now also distributing the Shelton Bro. portfolio.
                They are really only doing hummus, guac and burgers.

                Between Ballard and Phinney I love the small beer-geek soccer bar The Dray. They do panini. That is it.

                In Greenwood the Dray owners run the excellent Yard, which has pretty serviceable Mexican. Naked City has a great tap list and good pub food.

                Between Greenwood and Ballard is the amazing Chuck's Hop Shop (about 40 taps and 1,000 plus bottles in the bottle shop, which you can buy retail and drink in for a small corkage). They have rotating food trucks.

          2. Depends alot on where you are staying, but if its downtown then Tap House Grill is an option. 160 brews on tap. Decent pub food (skip the sushi rolls). No giant TVs if I recall correctly.

            Good football watching at Spitfire in Belltown and the Loft in Ballard.

            1. Does anyone have an opinion on 95 Slide? 20-somethings of my acquaintance are enthusiastic about it, but I haven't been.


              My favorite place with good food and lots of screens is The Attic in Madison Park.


              1. Hi, Lawnboy:

                For my money, I like The Attic in Madison Park. Small place, good food, enough screens, and avid regular football fans.


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                1. re: kaleokahu

                  +1 on The Attic. I like their wings.