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Aug 1, 2013 01:30 PM

elopement family dinner

So we are heading to the courthouse but joining my parents for a nice dinner. My well behaved 12 year old son will also be with us. I'm from Portland, and just more used to the dining scene up here and finding myself at a loss at where to go. In Portland, our special occasion choices are Le Pigeon, Toro Bravo, Laurelhurst. Location could be between Solana Beach and Downtown-ish as parents are in Del Mar and we don't know where we will stay yet. My husband will want seafood, I am going to want Chinos veggie and interesting flavors, but my Dad will need something more traditional to eat. Addison seemed an obvious choice but the price point is just high for what I am used to. I am hoping for someplace quiet and interesting.

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  1. Don't know the Portland dining scene; however, Addison, AR Valentien, The Market and Mille Fleurs are all great for fine dining and are near Del Mar.

    1. I would try to contact George's and discuss with them what you want. I am think they will be able to arrange something for you which will fit all needs and it is also one of the best restaurants in SD.

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        What Honkman wrote would be my first choice.