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Aug 1, 2013 01:09 PM

Anyone tried The Great Maple yet?

walked by the other day - wondering if anyone has tried it out (for dinner, in particular).

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  1. Been several times. It's good, I've enjoyed it. Bacon Maple donuts are pretty awful- don't be fooled.

    Good Manhattan.

    1. Expecting some sort of Canadian style place, and went to their site. The photos are laughingly bad with weird color expression, and looking through them gave me a headache.

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      1. re: Tripeler

        Like most restaurant websites, it overreaches. I don't know why restaurants have such bad sites- somebody stop them before someone gets hurt.

        If you go to the "gallery" section, the images are better. They didn't "make them art" over there.

        1. re: Fake Name

          Thanks for the tip, FN. I clicked Gallery, but there was only one photo that came up. Much better photography, but the view was an avocado-colored tuck-and-button upholstery seating that looked right out of 1973. Seems like the same agency that is doing their website has also been hired for interior design.

          After a bit, I figured out how to scroll through the Gallery and found the other pictures quite nice.
          Anyway, the food looks pretty good, and they seem like they have been in business for a while.

          1. re: Tripeler

            It's the solo effort of the guy(s) behind hash house a gogo.

            No rookies, these.

            1. re: Tripeler

              Not to yuk your yum, but the gallery images were within acceptable limits for user-generated content- I feel "quite nice" is a bit of a stretch.

              I'd say they don't suck too badly.

              As you discovered, the frame advance apparatus on the gallery area was pa.the.tic.

              Did someone actually pay money for that?

              I'd still happily return for any meal there- it's good for eating. They also serve Craft Beer. (capitals are mine)

              1. re: Tripeler

                All righty me technically challenged but what *IS* the trick to scrolling through the gallery.

                Yes, there is a faction trying to resurrect avocado green as a trendy color. Having lived through the era of Harvest Gold and Avocado Green in it's first incarnation I'm in no hurry for the return engagement. But that said, I do like the retro, mid-century feel they were going for. Kind of like the well heeled relative with money to the Riviera Supper Club's DIY interior.

                1. re: DiningDiva

                  Smashed into the far right and left edges of the images are > and < arrows for advancement. Difficult to see.

                  And RB Hound, I don't live in Point Loma, and I have notifications turned on, so once you post, I get a snippet of the post- even if you later delete it.

                  1. re: Fake Name

                    I did not delete any post or ask for it to be deleted, Fakey - must have been moderator action. And seriously, I thought you did live there, based on a thread about some restaurant there a while back - but admittedly my memory is hazy at times. When you drink Speedway Stout through a beer bong, that tends to happen.

                    But back to the thread, do you see any Hash Housish elements here, or is it entirely different?

                    1. re: RB Hound

                      Some, yes. No rosemary trees in every dish, thankfully. Portions are pretty large, but not hash house type.

                      The biggest similarity is the style and attitude of the staff, which is a reflection of the owner/manager. Nice folks, work hard to please their customers, but in a casual, blue-collar manner. Very comfortable and kind.

                      I'd not call Great Maple "highbrow" by any stretch, and I have the feeling they avoid that like vectors in the kitchen.

                      They do understand hospitality there, and I admire that. Each evening at a specific time (6:30?) they pass out small glasses of methode chamagneois sparkling wine (probably California, thus my misspelled French) from a shared board they carry around the restaurant. Diners join in a toast to some event celebrated by the restaurant- their opening date or something.

                      Free wine is good. But I'm fascinated by that single, shared, unifying experience. It changes the entire tone of the restaurant and its patrons, if for just a few minutes. Very clever, and seems quite genuine.

                      1. re: RB Hound

                        "When you drink Speedway Stout through a beer bong, that tends to happen."

                        And here I thought drinking Speedway out of a big AleSmith Speedway Fathers Day stein was dangerous...

              2. re: Tripeler

                Not only that, but I found their web site painfully slow, as if it was running on a 2000-ish PC connected to the Internet via a land line. Unless you have a server that is doing a significant amount of calculation, you should never see a "waiting..." message on your web site.

              3. Ended up at Great Maple for Breakfast/Brunch this morning and enjoyed it very much.

                Loved the interior redo.

                We all had some version of their Scramble Melts. Mine was the one with chorizo, which was pretty tasty and more than I could eat. Roasted potatoes were good, a little too much tarragon on them for my taste. The olive oil fig cake was bone dry.

                We also ordered the maple bacon donuts for the table. Flavor was nice, but the donut itself was a bit dense.

                Service was attentive without being intrusive

                Would definitely go back.

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                1. re: DiningDiva

                  This is sounding like the Hash House without the lines, slightly smaller portions, and a little more creativity. People (including me) has bashed it a lot here, but I think a lot of that had to do more with the ridiculous lines than the food they were serving.

                  I'm anxiously awaiting BerlinHonk's review. :)

                  1. re: RB Hound

                    We actually might visit them in the future as they might be an interesting option with our daughter (not so much for dinner) The biggest complain for us about HH were the large portions of mediocre food (didn't have problems with lines) but GM seems to have better food in smaller portions

                2. Glad I didn't know they were tied to Hash House when I went on Monday night with a co-worker! Not a big fan of HH with its oversized portions and unimpressive food. We both decided on the Ribeye w/ Pomme Frites served with a red wine demiglace. We had to ask three, no FOUR times for our drinks and we had a server that never seemed to be around but that is the short list of my complaints. Our steaks were delivered extremely quickly (almost "too" quickly) but they were perfection in both flavor and temperature. The steaks are placed over a mound of perfectly fried and seasoned thin potatoes that sat in the demiglace. I don't like soggy fries so I would ask that they be placed to the side next time but if you like them that way (to sop up the demiglace), you will be happy. I ordered the apple pie with salted caramel and spiced pecans to go. It was a good idea but spiced pecans left a strange afterburn in the throat and I felt like it was competing with the pie rather than enhancing the flavor. Kind of bland, blanched apple pie filling that could have used more sugar and cinnamon.

                  Will definitely be back to try more things. Love the interior...

                  1. Ate dinner there tonight. Pretty crazy on Valentine's Day with a live jazz ensemble. Very nice winter pear salad with blue cheese and candied pecans. They were almost too generous with the cheese and pecans, but they were so good I had to finish them up!
                    It was the mussels and frites that bowled us over though. The fennel and spanish chorizo in the cream broth made for the best version of steamed mussels I've ever tasted. We will be back!