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Best No Reservations Episode?

Somehow I missed the 'Burgundy' episode until I watched it on Youtube last night. IMO it's the best ever. What's yours?

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  1. For me it's the Penang episode.
    It made me want to get on a plane a get out there straight away.
    I watched it on a plane bound for Thailand but the missus wasn't up for a diversion.

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      Thanks, I'll look for that episode.

    2. The Tokyo episode from season 4 (every segment is amazing), and, the Hong Kong episode from season 3 (the guy making the noodles by jumping on a bamboo pole with his crotch might be my favorite segment ever).

      1. The Cajun episode where they butcher a pig and cook up most of it that day. Music, drinking, cooking and great food. I would love to take part.


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          That was my favorite as well but I'm a little biased being from Louisiana

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            This one and the Haiti one are toss-ups for me. Very different episodes but both very good.

          2. I liked: Sardinia, Emilia Romagna, Vietnam no place like home, Honk Kong, Mexico, Rome, Burgundy .

            1. Im biased but the Quebec ones are very good you can see how much he loves Montreal.

              I like the Japan and Vietnam ones too.

              1. As someone who has watched all, I can say the Burgundy episode with Ludo Lefebvre is extraordinary.

                I think it pinpoints Ludo, already an incredible chef, as a compelling figure to watch.

                1. I love all his shows, but still the one in Beirut is my favorite. Even though the best food scene was him eating the tuna casserole on the Marine ship at the end. Comfort food at its finest!

                  1. Season 7 (episode 12) "elBulli"
                    Tony travels to Spain with Jose Andres to dine one last time @ elBulli before it closes. The food that is served is from another world. Not really food, more like art!

                    Season 4 (episode 10) "Into the Fire NY"
                    Tony goes back to Les Halles with Eric Ripert to cook on the line once again. (Tony gets his butt kicked!) This episode accurately shows how a line works together to get through a dinner service. (I know, I cooked on the line for 6 years.)

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                      Both of those episodes came to mind. El Bulli and the working the line where he couldn't read the tickets.

                      His worst has to be Boston.

                      1. re: C. Hamster

                        Boston, Berlin, Greek islands. Awful.

                        1. re: linguafood

                          Yeah, about Greece, I do remember getting this odd feeling that Bourdain just didn't have a positive mindset about the experiences--almost as if he had to be badgered by the end into actually admitting that the closing al fresco grill party (as I recall) was in fact not bad...

                          I'm a big fan of Berlin, so it must say something that I found little memorable about that episode.

                          Don't recall seeing Boston.

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                            Boston was one of the "Ima hang out with some super-cool musician all night and get wasted" kinda thing.

                            Boring. Boring food, boring super-cool musician. Feh.

                            I had high hopes for Berlin and was disappointed to see him buy into much hype. Glad he stopped in at Rogacki, tho. That place is magical.

                            Greece was incredibly lackluster, given how fantastic Greek food can be.

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                              I feel the same about the Prague episode as you do about the Berlin. I got all sorts of beer and snacks and settled in to watch, and I feel like they worked up the plan for that show using a Lonely Planet book as their guide :(

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                                They filmed some of Boston a block away from my house. Good pub, by the way but they cut the Irish bakery segment. PortrayedBoston as a city of seedy Irish bars. Which we do have our fair share of.

                                I was very disappointed.

                                The diner where he had his hangover breakfast rocks, though

                                1. re: linguafood

                                  Oh, yeah, I did see that. Some musician that was part of a band he was into back when. One could charitably call it a "personal, intimate" episode. I remember feeling cheated out of a wider view of Boston that I knew must have been there to be found, if looked for.

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                                    Was the Boston one where it had that noir feeling to it and he talked about The Friends Of Eddie Coyle? If it is, yeah, that wasn't a good episode.

                          2. I missed the Burgundy episode, too, so just watched it. I agree that it's terrific!

                            The only thing I can think that is as good regarding foods and story is episodes from South-East Asia, but there are so many that they kind of wash together in my memory.

                            Among the episodes that stick with me for their story, if not always their food: Ozarks, Vienna, Maine and Cleveland.

                            Looking to Wikipedia to remind myself of the episodes, I see there are many I've missed. YouTube, here I come...

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                              Oh forgot about the Ozarks ones, I loved that one too. My dad's side is from Missouri (mizzurah), so it was cool to see.

                            2. Laos is my all time fave. Uzbekistan and Cambodia are runners-up. Worst: Montana. Snore.

                              1. I think my favorite episodes are in no specific order.


                                I loved watching the Southie punks throwing snowballs at drunken Tony Bourdain.

                                1. It was universally panned here a couple years ago, but I think my favorite was Romania. I laughed through the whole episode. That stupid machete lodged in Bourdain's head. That POS car they rented. His buddy hurting himself and drinking homemade booze while eating painkillers of questionable sourcing. And that kid standing over the pig was just creepy.

                                  Laos was the best serious episode.

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                                    I enjoyed Romania, too! I laughed the whole way through.

                                  2. Japan: Cook It Raw isn't really a representative No Reservations episode but it's certainly fun.

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                                    1. re: lamb_da_calculus

                                      I don't think AB is a sort of 'Central European kinda guy'. Not his vibe at all.

                                    2. Three- wayed Tie between the "I-Want-My-Seafood-Tower" Brittany, France episode and the Cajun episode and the Ludo episode. All three = greatness

                                      1. Paris with Eric Ripert -- watching the new generation razz the old. It was inspiration to make 2 trips to Paris and we weren't disappointed following in AB's footsteps.

                                        Greece was awful. Totally loveless.