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Aug 1, 2013 11:07 AM

A Glitch In One Thread Only?

I'm having trouble opening posts in the thread about cookbook purchases in August. New posts are open when I click into the thread. However, I cannot open a single closed post. I've tried expanding all posts which did work. But I cannot get them to close again. When I leave the thread and return the original problem is there. This does not happen with any other threads.

I just added a testing post and cannot not open that when I return to the thread.

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  1. Good News and Bad News

    Good News;
    Well good new's is it's not just you. I followed your link, my first time so all posts were open, I left to go back to the main board, then re-entered the thread everything was collapsed and I couldn't open any of the posts.

    Bad News;
    You broke the internet!! Ohhhhhhhhhh I'm telling!!! Chow Team!! Chow Team!! Gio broke the site!!!!!

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    1. re: jrvedivici

      Not so fast Junior... I did not break it. <stamping foot and pouting>

    2. I recreated the same problem on IE, Gio. I can open single posts on other threads per usual but that one seems to have a glitch as you note.

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      1. re: grayelf

        Thank you Grayelf.. at least I wasn't dreaming.

        1. re: Gio

          I'm having the same problem with that thread.

      2. Well that's bizarre. We'll look into it, as that's clearly not right. As a workaround you can use the big black plus-sign button to expand the whole discussion; you'll find it just below the original post.

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        1. re: Engineering

          Yes, I had expanded the posts... BTW: I 'm using FireFox.

        2. Just to add to the perplexing situation... the Back button doesn't work on that thread. It's greyed out.

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          1. re: Gio

            Clarification: A return to the thread via the link I posted upthread shows the greyed Back button. However, a return to the thread from my profile page and the Back button works.

            1. re: Gio

              I don't appreciate you sharing my self portrait that I sent you.

              1. re: jrvedivici

                Quite simply, it had to be done. For emphasis you know. Literary license.

              2. re: Gio

                When you click on a link within a post it will usually open a new tab/window, and since the new tab doesn't have any history associated with it, the back button is greyed out. Is that what's happening to you here?

                1. re: Jacquilynne

                  Jacquilynne, OK I understand that about the new tab. But I can't open any collapsed post in that thread.

                  1. re: Gio

                    The inability to open the collapsed posts seems to be a general glitch with that thread. I don't have anything I can tell you on that beyond what Engineering said above -- we can verify that, and it is weird. They'll have to look into it more closely to figure it out -- everything looks normal as far as I can see, but they have much more access to error logs and such.

                    1. re: Jacquilynne

                      Thank you, Jacquilynne. Nothing to do for now but carry on...

            2. I just realized the Recommend button doesn't work in the thread although the Edit and Reply buttons do...