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Aug 1, 2013 10:11 AM

Menu help! What to serve as a main course with Oysters as a first?

Some friends are bringing Oysters over and I'm stumped/have too many ideas for what to serve as a main, any suggestions?

Right now my top 3 options are:

- Darkly braised Lamb Shoulder from Edward Lee's Smoke and Pickles
- Grilled steaks and some sort of raw kale salad
- Ratatouille with grilled sausages and bread or pasta

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  1. All sound great, roasted whole fish is another. Oysters don't really limit you.

    1. what's your climate like right now?

      it's close to 90 degrees in my hood, so as much as i love lamb it might not be my first choice. :)

      kale is everybody's new darling, but raw can be difficult to digest.

      of the 3, i'd go the ratatouille route.

      also? i heart your friends.

      1. How are you serving the oysters? If raw, better check with your guests first.

        1. nice grilled steaks.

          kale--kale welll it wants sooooo badly to be a salad..but it realllllly should just be in a salad.

          1. Plenty of champagne. Who needs a main other than the oysters?

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              depemds on how many oysters they are bringing... but having several cool toppings could be a fun evening.. you could even do wine or beer paring with them