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Aug 1, 2013 09:25 AM

Defonte's Sandwich Shop on 3rd Ave or Other Recommendations

Would like to try it but would prefer to eat inside and not take out. Trying to determine if there are tables and chairs. I have called them but get a recording. Appreciate the info. Looking for an old school hero with quality ingredients. Have been to Parm in the past but looking for something a little less modern.

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  1. Defonte's has tables and chairs inside and outside. Amazing sammiches too!!

    1. its not fancy, but there is seating at the manhattan location. plenty of people eat in at the brooklyn original too, but theyre all standing/leaning over wall-mounted shelf-like counter.

      1. Faicco's on Bleeker next to Murray's Cheese Shop

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          Does Faicco's have seating? I thought they were just a store.