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Cherimoya in Chapel Hill/Durham

Does anyone know where I may be able to find this fruit? After reading about its description, I want to give it a try. I know I've seen it in the past at chain groceries but don't recall where specifically.

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  1. I see them pretty regularly at Whole Foods. I think a cousin of this called "sugar apple" is much, much better than cherimoya. I had it once in Hawaii at a roadside fruit stand and was blown away. The problem is that the only way I've found to get sugar apple is to have it sent overnight from Florida. (Split a case with you. :-)

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      Well then we take what we can get :-) I've never had either and wanted to try it. Also haven't had cactus pear but if it taste like watermelon.. I don't want it. I'll check WF. They didn't have any earlier this week.

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        I've seen Cherimoyas recently in Harris Teeter. Be sure to wait until they're very soft, like an avocado. Enjoy!

    2. As it's a tropical fruit I'd start my search at a Compare in Durham.

      1. Picked one up at WF. Haven't seen them at the Teeters near us but it may just be late. I'll check Compare Foods next time I head into Durham.

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          Did you eat it yet? What did you think??

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            Heck no. Its gotta ripen like a week.

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              I'd love to hear how it is. I've never tried one either.

        2. my favorite. That said, I have found it a couple times in local markets and it was never right.

          1. I'm intrigued. What do you do with cherimoyas? Eat plain or cook in a dish/dessert?

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              Usually eat plain or put in freezer and eat like sorbet. Take out seeds as they are poisonous.

            2. They had a bunch at the Kroger on SW Durham Drive (near 15.501 and I40) last week. I was so surprised! We eat them in Chile all the time- they have to be very ripe. In my family we make Cherimoya Alegre- peel them, slice them, and serve them in a bowl covered in orange juice (prevents browning, and makes them yummy!) I saw below where someone said the seeds are poisonous- I've never heard that, so you might want to look into that!

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                Yes they are poisonous. Mine got ripe and I tried it. The one I had tasted of banana and some sorta melon.. almost lightly of canteloupe. I am NOT a melon fan regardless of type and so I wasn't overly thrilled with it, but I can see how people would really enjoy it.