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Aug 1, 2013 08:46 AM

PVD/RI * August '13 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

After some interesting July developments, August is now arrived. What's happening?

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  1. Although it's been up and running a few weeks, I didn't see any official announcement on the board that Figidini Wood-Fired Eatery opened in the Biltmore parking garage downtown (next to Ellie's). We dropped by for drinks the other night and tasted a few things too. Everything we tried was pretty tasty, including the meze-style plates. Drinks were creative and large too. The space is pretty snazzy and very thoughtful. Best feature, for us, were the folding front windows, so you could eat on the sidewalk and still feel a part of the scene inside the restaurant. It's cool little spot, and we'll definitely be back in the dog-days of summer. Just wanted to give them an official shout-out now that they're open.

    1. Fratelli's Burger and Gelato opened on Monday, two doors down from Figidini. It's the largest of the spaces on that strip, with a pretty big room in the back. Met one of the owners, seems like a nice guy, gave us a taste of the gelato, even though they weren't open for lunch when we were there (opening for lunch "soon", he said).

      The price point looks a bit high ($12 for a burger or chicken sandwich), I'll be curious about the reviews.

      1. Rocky Point Pub in Warwick closed

        1. Ken's Ramen is having a "Soft" opening August 22 at 12:00pm until August 25 at 6:00pm. It is take-out and cash only.

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            please report if you get there! Im craving good ramen and wont make it during those days.

          2. Not a restaurant per se, but Willys Local Foods is targeted to open in August on Wickenden Street.