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Aug 1, 2013 08:31 AM

Kritamos Greek Fish House and Rotisserie - Who's been?

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  1. I haven't been yet, but I'm happy to read that Kritamos plans to serve Greek food from the Aegean Sea region, since Greek food in TO tends to be more Peloponnesian and Makedonian in style. Few restaurants in TO serve the Aegean island specialties.

    Some photos uploaded by the restaurant:

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    1. re: prima

      Colour me excited even beFORE I open the pics, let alone take a seat.

      1. re: prima

        WARNING. Don bib or grab a hankie before opening pics. Kudos to the food stylist.

        1. re: Googs

          Really?? Didn't do much for me.

          I saw the menu on another site and while I wish them well, and will give them a try, it seemed like just another danforth greek restaurant to me.

          1. re: millygirl

            I'm in the same boat. Looks ok but nothing that makes me want to make a special trip there.

            I'm will likely make the trek to the new place on the lakeshore b/c of the connect to Queue de Cheval steakhouse that go to this much closer spot.

            1. re: millygirl

              Holy cow. The menu bears little resemblance to the Post City story and photo array. I wonder what the deal is there. Could it be a really, really big chalkboard? A post-menu-printing revamp? Take a look at the pics and tell me I'm not crazy. Or not.

              1. re: Googs

                You're not crazy. The printed menu might not reflect the current offerings, or maybe there are daily specials that aren't reflected in the menu. It could be that the restaurant is still figuring out what sells on the Danforth. I know Lambros from Avli, who also ran Lambros briefly, was frustrated that many customers on the Danforth were not ready for anything other than the same old.

                I'll give Kritamos a try as soon as I get a chance. I will probably focus on the mezes, as I tend to do on the Danforth.

              2. re: millygirl

                The plating looks better than average for a Greek resto on the Danforth.

                While parts of the menu are similar to other menus on the Danforth, here are a few of the dishes that aren't common on the Danforth, that Kritamos serves: green fava (although it's called fava, it's usually a split pea spread common in Santorini, this one mentions fava beans, but that might be a mistranslation. Greeks call fava beans koukia, not fava), tomato walnut spread, Melodia (goat cheese-stuffed apricots, figs and peppers) duck breast, pork tenderloin Afelia with red wine and coriander, pistachio baklava (tends to be walnut baklava at most Greek restaurants), the pasta with lobster (in the photos but not listed on the menu). I haven't been too happy with most zucchini fritters on the Danforth over the last few years, so I'm looking forward to trying out the version at Kritamos.


          2. I have been twice.
            First time, we had 3 dips to start, the green fava was very good, the tomato walnut much too sweet, and hummus, it was so so. The pita came out hot but got hard. The 3 of us shared the 4 sardines with succotash, I wouldn't order it again. Having said that, you can also get the 4 sardines prepared two other ways (I think one of them was pan fried which might have worked better). We also shared the Mediterranean Black Stipped (sic) Bass - Extra Large. It was very fresh, simply grilled with olive oil and lemon, very good, and it would have easily fed 4. The fish and sardines came with french fries (not so good) and boiled collards (ok). We were too stuffed to have dessert.
            Second visit, got the green fava dip again, not as good, the eggplant, and the tzatziki, they were ok, but then I'm a garlic freak so take that into consideration. The pita this time was hot and fresh. We ordered the octopus, grilled squid, and broiled scallops - they were enjoyed by all, and the sauce from the scallops was very good so make sure you get extra pita. We ordered a smaller fish this time, a Greek snapper, and again it was fresh and simply grilled with olive oil and lemon. One of our party had returned to Canada last year after spending years in Greece, he was very pleased with the food, not so much with the alcohol prices but that is to be expected (there was a Sigalas on the wine list which he got for a fraction of the price in Greece).
            There is an ice bed and tank out front if you want to choose your meal. I hope this helps (I included a photo of the menu the day we went, but keep in mind it changes with whatever they get in and according to market price; and the second photo is the extra large bass).

            1. Went for dinner tonight

              Will be back

              There's a regular menu that was more or less standard Danforth Greek fare, (but plated nicer and prepared with a bit more care than most of the places that are now just going through the motions) and a one sheet menu of market priced whole fish and a bunch of specials with a focus on fish

              It's not Milos to be sure but it's closer than we've had in the past

              Nice room, hard to believe that it used to be Wimpy's, not a fan of the way they've used pillows on the banquettes but that's a minor nit

              We ordered 2 dips, one hot appetizer and one fish to share and were advised that it wasn't enough food and upsold a 2nd hot appetizer, she was wrong, rolled out of there stuffed could happily have skipped one app.

              Fish and grilled calamari very nicely done, I wouldn't bother with the dips again but the bread (not pita) was very good

              Wine list was just OK, a little surprised that there was only 1 greek red and 1 greek white and a bunch of international and a few VQA.

              So bottle of wine, 2 dips, 2 hot apps and 1 whole grilled fish $125 bucks tip included.

              1. Have been three times, including twice in the last month. It has become one of our favourite places on the Danforth. The key to us are the sardines (pan-fried) and the smelts. Dips are excellent and the house red wine is solid. Nice staff, and nice room. Its a cut above the standard Danforth Greek offering and price point, but worth the premium.

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                1. re: romanruin

                  I've been meaning to try it out but have not done so yet. We walk by often on the way to the other places we eat at. Last Saturday we stopped and looked in, and there wasn't a single customer inside. That is often the case. I'm wondering if most people are looking for a lower price point than they have.

                  1. re: foodyDudey

                    We've been in a couple times and we are usually alone or only one other table, they have added more "standard" Danforth items to the menu and tacked "Rotisserie" onto their sign but I guess the crowd in this hood won't pay what is a fair price for fresh seafood, or just won't try something new. Too bad because it does deserve more traffic.

                      1. re: prima

                        I'm waiting for a certified Greek fish expert who also posts on CH to write a review.

                        1. re: foodyDudey

                          I don't know if such a person exists.

                          Here are my seafood snob 2 cents: Since Joso's stole my heart, I haven't been ordering or eating much seafood on the Danforth. I'm also on a fairly restrictive diet, so I haven't been eating any fried calamari, which seems to be the best dish with which to judge the skill of a Greek or Mediterranean kitchen when it comes to seafood.

                          Grilled fish in Toronto just doesn't do it for me. I need to be much closer to the Mediterranean (ie within walking distance) for any grilled fish, especially one charged at MP, to wow me.

                2. Can anyone shed light on how sustainable these fish choices are if they are being sourced from the Mediterranean? Some of these choices (e.g., pompano) are sustainable if sourced from the U.S. but I can't find info easily on Mediterranean fish. I know that wild stocks there are mainly overfished and I don't know much about their fish farming practices.