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Beware the gummy bear

As someone who loves gummy bears, and occasionally gets'em from amazon (albanese), I will be extra careful not to get the sugar-free:


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    1. re: tcamp

      Not to be left in the breakroom without warning

      1. re: BiscuitBoy

        or teachers lounge.... my mom and her teacher friend always joked how teachers would eat annnnything left in lounge so after thanksgiving her friend found a bag of that stuffing mix left in her room that didnt make it in the food drive box....they opened it and poured it in a bowl.. and mixed in a bag or prezels from the machine... sure enough the bowl was empty by the end of the day.

    2. I wonder what impact the gummi worms have?

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      1. re: INDIANRIVERFL

        haha... the idea of eating worms isssss bad enough

      2. Ah the dreaded sugar alcohol (Maltitol disguised as "Lycasin").

        At least Amazon is thoughtful enough to post a warning on the product info page:

        Safety Warning
        Consumption of some sugar-free candies may cause stomach discomfort and/or a laxative effect. Individual tolerance will vary. If this is the first time you’ve tried these candies, we recommend beginning with one-fourth of a serving size or less. Made with Lycasin, a sugar alcohol. As with other sugar alcohols, people sensitive to this substance may experience upset stomachs.

        1. There's a reason why I know how to read the names of sugars and artificial sweeteners in Chinese....

          In Taiwan, sugarless gums and candies are sweetened with xylitol, and yes, I get pretty much the same reaction as described in the above link.

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          1. re: tastesgoodwhatisit

            I intentionally buy Korean gum with xylitol - for oral hygiene.

          2. Funny, considering all the bullshit the fda imposes, and such a prolific reaction to the sweetener with some people...they allow it

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            1. re: BiscuitBoy

              These sugar alcohols are old, old, old products and were typically used in products like sugar-free gum or cough lozenges where they may have been gas-inducing but not much worse due to small dosages. I have no idea why they would ever be used in applications where the serving size was larger than a stick of gum. It's not the FDA's issue, it's a bad choice by the manufacturer.

            2. that was HILARIOUS. and all of the other reviews are similar for the same product. Thanks for sharing!

              1. I had the same reaction many, many years ago, and laughed til I cried reading this review. It is so true. Those poor people at the construction company.

                1. Heavens to Murgatroyd, I am cry-laughing at this "cleanse".
                  Move over, Organic Avenue.

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                  1. re: iluvcookies

                    You're reminding me of Cheryl getting stuck in the car wash after taking "colon cleanse"...

                  2. somethings are just better for you in their full sugar greatness...Trolli Gummy Bears...They may shit in the woods but at least you wont.. it can be their new comercial

                    1. OMG- I experienced the same thing. I felt fine, but was turning my colon inside out every ten minutes for hours. Still didn't realize it was the sorbitol in the gummies. I had to leave work, can't do the job when you're sitting on the can most of the time.