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Aug 1, 2013 08:11 AM

SMC First Delivery--Thrilled

We got our first delivery from South Mountain Creamery this morning, and are stoked.

I'm pretty sure we overdid it, but we'll establish some discipline about this pretty quickly. First order included whole milk, half and half, heavy cream, sour cream, two different cheeses, a dozen eggs, breakfast sausage and a tailgate variety pack of dogs, brats, and burgers. Oh, and the most lovely chocolate milk ever.

Did some homework ahead of time, and price wise we're somewhere in between the regular grocery stores, and Whole Foods so I'm very satisifed with that. Adding in the convenience of home delivery and I think this is a very solid deal. As grocery store prices continue to skyrocket, taking a further step in supporting local ag just makes more and more sense. We also have the advantage of being a two person household. If we were still feeding kids, this may not have been as much of a no brainer.

The idea of sticking a thumb in the eye of Giant and Safeway, Tyson and Conagra, makes it that much sweeter.

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  1. I know - they're absolutely incredible! You must try the buttermilk - the absolute best I've ever had, hands-down. enjoy!

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      Buttermilk. Check. In the cart.

      My wife makes a killer Kentucky Buttermilk cake.

      Also dinner last night was scrambled SMC eggs and breakfast sausage links for her, and a grilled cheese with their American slices on thick sliced sourdough with dukes for me. I did steal a couple of the sausages and they are so far superior to the average mass produced offerings that I nearly wept.

    2. I love South Mountain's buttermilk. And, we went from just getting half and half and buttermilk to pretty much exploring all they have.

      At Thanksgiving - they have a great turkey. Also - for those special desserts - the best heavy cream ever.

      I really can't think of anything they sell that is not wonderful!