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What's the correlation between steak and eggs?

After reading several recent threads about preparing steak and how people like their eggs done, I began to wonder if there was a connection in the prep methods for people. For example, I love a rare steak. Well done steak to me is not even worth eating. I will go even further in the less cooked direction and order steak tartare whenever I see it. When it comes to eggs, I love them fried with a runny yolk. A fully cooked yolk tastes chalky to me. If its over easy, do not ever cook it hard. I want the yolk to run all over everything when I cut into it. I generally don't eat scrambled eggs but if I must, I prefer soft curds as opposed to well done eggs. So in my world, raw meat and runny eggs go together. Oh the beauty of steak tartare with a fresh raw egg broken on top! Is there a relationship between the two for you?

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  1. I don't know if there's a relationship, but I only eat scrambled eggs that have been cooked through--although not scorched--and I prefer my steak between medium-rare and medium.

    1. I recently became quite fond of runny yolks after hating them for decades and now I prefer eggs in nearly all forms although these days it's 50/50 mix between poached or fried and omelets or frittatas. For some reason while I used to love scrambled eggs before my discovery of the runny yolk, I rarely make them now. For omelets or frittatas I don't usually associate eggs with steak but fried or poached I do. At least two to three times a week I have steak with fried or poached eggs for breakfast or dinner.

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        I forgot to mention I like my steak on the rare side of medium rare still oozing and if it's steak with eggs then they ooze too. Otherwise, eggs come in all forms for me.

      2. I think there is an imperfect correlation. I knows some people who are cautious about undercooked food and thus prefer meat on the done side of medium and eggs thoroughly cooked with no trace of runniness.

        I'm a medium rare steak and runny yolk aficionado.

        1. First, I eat my steak medium rare/medium. Not above medium, I like a nice pink cool center.....I don't mind if it's red/rare, but actually "bleeding" is where I draw the line. A little red juice is fine, when it looks to bloody, not good.

          Anywho.........with regard to my egg's I don't have a set preference in how I enjoy my eggs. It really depends more on what is accompanying my egg's that decides how I order them. If I'm having a traditional breakfast platter, egg's, home fries, toast and a side of meat like sausage I order my egg's over easy because I like to cut them up and mix everything together. I want plenty of yolk to spread around.....dip my toast or english muffin in the mix etc.

          If I'm having egg's with a side of pancakes etc. I prefer my egg's cooked a little more well done. More towards the fried side with the yolk partially cooked, not as runny as above.

          If I'm having a breakfast sandwich (pork roll egg and cheese) I want the egg fully fried, no run to the yolk what so ever.

          On a side note I had a pork roll egg and cheese recently where the egg was NOT fully cooked, plenty of runny yolk. I didn't realize this until I took my first bite and the yolk shot directly into my shoulder, onto my micro fiber faux suade suite jacket. Talk about a mess and a wrong fabric to have egg yolk splattered all over. Looked like I was the mad egg murderer!

          1. I like my steaks mooing, but eggs over hard, break the yolk. If I do have scrambled, I also like the curds soft, but fully cooked, not wet.

            I'll eat raw beef, but never raw egg, or boiled eggs, egg sald or mayo

            1. No relationship. I like my steak medium rare and my eggs every which way.

              1. Depending on the steak, I like it either well-done or medium-rare.

                Depending on what I am eating my eggs with, as well as how the eggs are prepared, I will want them over easy, a bit runny, or sometimes over hard, or just sometimes perfectly scrambled. 'Natch.

                It just sort of depends.

                1. I like my eggs sunny side up and a bit runny. I thick slice the steak and toss it into the pan with butter just before the eggs are done and just sear the slices. I like my steak rare.

                  1. A late night splurge while in college. $2.71 at Sambo's.

                    Haven't had it in a diner or restaurant in decades. Steak is tough with perfect eggs, or perfect charred steak with tough eggs.

                    Sambo's was usually tough slab of meat with great snotty eggs.

                    1. Sitting in a diner with a friend for breakfast and she ordered an omelet and asked why I didn't. I pointed to her dry crusty brown cardboard of an 'omelet' and she said it was "a regular omelet. What? you want it RAW?"

                      We ordered a steak for 2 in a steak joint. She claims she likes her steak "juicy". She asked for "medium-well". When the steak arrived at a more 'well-done' than 'medium-well', with only the slightest hint of pink deep in the middle, she asked for it to be returned to the kitchen for "a little more time under the broiler"...

                      People will say what they want to say, but the proof is on the plate...

                      1. I like my steaks rare. Truly rare, not medium rare.

                        Don't bother serving me an egg that isn't cooked through. I don't eat runny yolks. Or runny whites.

                        And, never put an uncooked or partially cooked egg on top of my steak!

                        1. I have a close friend who likes his steaks very well done, and who also claims to dislike eggs in any form. Considering how he likes his steaks, I contend that he doesn't really like steak either. You may be onto something!

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                            Fry up some heavy duty cardboard and see if he notices.

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                              Haha, good idea. If I season it right, he may never know!

                          2. I like the steak rare; not a big fan of the tartare, however.
                            Eggs are ok many ways ~~ need over easy w/runny yolk if hash browns are involved, doesn't seem to correlate to steak preference to me

                            1. Interesting question. Our preferences are identical.

                              What I do note about myself is (my wife and I split our time between Europe and the USA) there is a very noticeable difference in how adventuresome I am depending on where I am. In Europe, practically anything goes. In the US, I'm far more careful. Tartare I avoid unless its from the butcher and ground before my eyes, eggs I find difficult to enjoy.

                              In my case I would agree with another poster, I enjoy somewhat uncooked food but am strongly guided by food safety issues and the availability of good product (in the case of eggs) and my faith in the distribution process.

                              1. I don't think I've ever actually eaten eggs and steak (I love breakfast meats too much I guess). Would want my steak red-rare, and soft/runny scrambled eggs if I did.

                                But your post reminded me of a favorite bit from a cartoon so let me leave you with this (song will be stuck in your head for a day or so):

                                1. I like my steak medium-rare. When I eat poached eggs or fried eggs I like runny yolk. Scrambled eggs must be cooked through.

                                  1. In my experiences, steak and eggs for breakfast is a dish for a Texan with a hangover.

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                                        I should check my state of residency and my BAC when I wake up...:) I'm a frequent steak and egger and none of the above but I agree it does sort of fit the vibe.