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Aug 1, 2013 07:38 AM

Do you cater to a vegetarian for a party?

We are throwing a party for about 26 people. We're having caesar salad, fruit salad, lumpia, chicken jerk sandwiches. We'll have a really busy day cleaning up & getting ready for the party since we both work & have 2 young children. We have 1 vegetarian coming. Do you make a vegetarian dish (besides the salads) for that 1 person? What if they don't end up coming? On the other hand, I would feel like I'm not being a good hostess to cater to her diet.

Any thoughts?

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  1. I might make sure there was 1 veg app and sandwich alternative (grilled vegs) but that's it, especially if there is only 1 person with that diet out of 26.

    1. As a former vegetarian, I can say with all honesty that your veg friend will be used to fending for herself, cobbling a meal together via non-meat side dishes. As long as you have a few different "safe" foods, it's fine.

      1. As a former vegetarian - if there was one decent dish id be happy. So assuming either that person eats anchvovies or your salad doesn't contain them id be happy enough.
        But if all I could eat is fruit salad I would be sad/hungry but not mad at the host.

        1. Chele,

          Since veg dishes can be enjoyed by non-vegetarians, it wouldn't put me out in the least. I make a salad with a little quinoa, feta, black beans and black soybeans (it's a cold salad) tossed with halved cherry tomatoes and a vinaigrette that is nice. It's really easy to assemble, too, and not expensive, but if you're truly pressed for time, you can find salads like this at TJ's. etc.

          Sounds like a fun party! :-)

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            Yes, this is the kind of thing I'd add to the menu

          2. I am with the others, no need to create something special.

            If you left the meat out of half the lumpia, then that would be a great meal for a vegetarian. As an omnivore, I choose veg dishes first and often, instead of meat dishes.