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I'm hosting a brunch at a fine dine restaurant. A toast is going to be given and I chose prosecco. It will be served in flutes and I was wondering if there were any suggestions on how to make it look more festive. Should I request that a rasberry be placed in each flute?

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  1. what time of day? that seems a little brunchie to me..

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        Aren't you underage to be on this board?;)

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          nawww..only to be drinnnking on this board... :)

      2. That sounds festive. I really like pomegranate seeds...they bounce!

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        1. Nah!!

          Just keep it clean and fresh.

          1. Don't add anything. Bubbly wine by itself is enough to make an occasion feel festive.

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            1. I like my sparkling straight. I have a few friends who insist on fruity drinks, and they always use the really cheap stuff, like Cook's..... I say why bother.

              1. Years ago, I threw a champagne cocktail party, with the ingredients to make about 6 different champagne cocktails, all lined up in stations with the recipe displayed. It was a blast, and truthfully, we all got delightfully snookered,

                One of the preps for that was a very long lemon spiral, cut with a channel knife, like in the photos here. Something like the second photo, but put the spiral inside the flute. The lemon spiral curves around the inside of the flute, looks elegant/cool.

                Bear in mind, you generally don't do this kind of thing with quality bubbles. Prosecco, I get.

                The bartender can make make these long lemon spirals for you. It's a bit of trouble for him, but he can do it as part of his daily prep. But please arrange this with him ahead of time, preferably in person, and tip him separately and adequately for helping you.

                Personally, I wouldn't use a raspberry unless you were serving Rose bubbly or Rose sparkling. IMO, the flavors raspberry and Prosecco do not go together. Were it Rose bubbles, I'd probably use three raspberries at the bottom of the glass. Which is where they'll settle anyway. The berries do interfere a bit with that pretty line of bubbles that rises vertically in a flute, though. (I like that when I use a flute.)

                Another possibility is the third photo, but I don't like sticks coming out of flute -- the diameter of the glass is so small anyway and the stick gets in the way of drinking (we can't have that) and kinda scratches your face. [Speaking from drinking experience.]

                I wouldn't do a strawberry either, or a simple banal lemon twist, but that reflects my flavor choices and aesthetics.

                Fancying up a flute is really stuff to do in a home setting, not at a restaurant, where you'd have to set up it as a special request and kinda bother the bartender.

                A better use of your time and money might be to purchase a better bottle of bubbles for the money you'd spend on lemon spirals and tipping the bartender.

                Check out the restaurant's wine list online (or better yet, call and talk to the wine guy) and then spend the extra $25 (spirals plus tip) on a better bottle of bubbles with more flavor than most Proseccos. Then you won't need any garnish at all.

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                    these are cute..in a sority sister sort of way... I think you give the best advice that "adorned" drinks are for home on the veranda or on a cruise..they just seem weird to me at a formal table.

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                      I happen to like prosecco and we drank quite of bit of it in Italy last year.

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                        there is nothing wrong with prosecco... Please dont think I I am doubting your choice of drink... I hope your evening is lovely...I just think A raised glass of beautiful bubbles unclutterd by strings of peals or berries clinging to the sides is much more elegant. IMHO.

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                          No offense taken! I never really developed a great appreciation for wine. We were in Burgundy in May and the food was incredible...but the wine experience was sort of lost on me.

                          I'm serving it for a brunch and I won't ask that anything be added to the flute. I trust your judgement.

                          It is a special occassion and I'm just trying to pay attention to all the little details to make.

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                            Never substiute someone elses judgement for your own..
                            you can ask advice and weigh opinons.... but always use your own judgement.

                            in case you havent been around the boards a lot... I am 13... I know what I know.. and I am good... but wines I have only read about and gone to classes.. I have no actual drinking experinces...I do use it cook and can pair it with meals..

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                              Wow! I never would have guessed that you were 13. I love your advice and I'm taking it!

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                          See if you can find the Franciacorta -- it's made by the best method -- methode traditionelle (methode champenoise).

                          Have a good time. Hope it's special.

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                            Maria Lorraine have you read The Widow Clicquot ? I know it probally closer to historical fiction than fact but it is a fun read about social history and fun champagne related facts about the real woman who created a champagne empire.

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                              Quite an unusual summer reading selection for an 8th grader.

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                                I've already read it. Last summer. The lady at our local Specks gave it to me.

                                you are rather age focused with me today.. this is you second post where you point out...

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                                  Really, you're 13? You're not just punking us?

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                                    Yes, 13 as of the end of March. I like to come here because I can talk about things I like and am passionate about without getting weird looks like at school. I rather use my money to buy a really beautiful knife that I will have for years than a pair of stupid shoes at the mall and a lot of my friends dont understand that. They are like "You got a meat grinder for chistmas?" with that crooked nose thing they do.

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                                    I started tasting and learning about wines at age 10, and spent nearly 40 years working int he wine trade . . . loved (almost) every minute of it!

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                                        Born in Chicago, but grew up in LA from age 5.

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                                  Yes, read that book about Madame Clicquot, and all les veuves of that era.

                      2. If you have chosen a decent Prosecco, please add nothing. Let the wine speak for itself.