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Aug 1, 2013 07:08 AM

Cultured Nut Cheese?

Has anyone tried making the cultured nut cheeses a la "Artisan Vegan Cheese"? As a vegetarian-wannabe-vegan, these seem like they have real promise to simulate cheese flavor. I have some cheese making experience, and wonder if you could use packaged cheese cultures rather than the rejuvelac to help get more reliable results.

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  1. I have made the goat cheese with amazing results. A lot of omni friends are quite taken by it. It does taste/look like goat cheese exactly.

    Rejuvelac isn't really that hard to make, but does require some attention.

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      can you post how to do it or a link where it is shared?
      thank you!

    2. I just tried the "Kite Hill" brand "White Alder" (a soft-ripened vegan "cheese"), and was really impressed. Only available in some parts of the country for now, but worth seeking out if you can get it locally. Looking forward to trying their other products too.

      Unlike most commercially available vegan cheeses, the ingredients are simple (nuts, water, salt, cultures / enzymes).