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Aug 1, 2013 06:09 AM

First time to London

My wife and I will be traveling to London the second week of September. I need reccomendations for lunch and dinner for 6 days. We are adventurous eaters, and price is no object. We just want to do the best that London has to offer.

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  1. Over six days my ideal itinerary would include: the Square, the Delaunay, the Bull & Last, Polpo, Quilon or Trishna, Sedap, Tayyabs, Viajante, Kitchen Table, the Clove Club, Pollen Street Social, the River Cafe, L'Anima, Sushi Tetsu, the Corner Room, the Opera Tavern and Alyn Williams depending on what you're after.

    Also do a day trip to Windsor inc the Fat Duck/Waterside Inn (if you can reserve) and/or a day trip to Whitstable and go to the Sportsman.

    To really help you it'd be easier to get an idea what you think of the threads you've already read on the board, and where you're from (therefore what cuisines you're looking for)

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      And where the OP is staying and how far they are prepared to travel. I tend to regard "London" as anything within the M25 - but then I'm a northerner and the capital is a foreign place. I suspect foreign visitors regard the city as being much more the central government/tourist area.

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        Wouldn't disagree with any of MIT's suggestions or the advice to do some more research on this board to help narrow down your options,
        I will also throw into the mix St. John, Salt Yard, Rules, Donostia , Yipin China and The Jugged Hare.

      2. A visit to the Borough Market (open Thur-Fri-Sat mornings) is highly recommended).

        I would also suggest a walk thru the Food Hall at Harrod's.

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        1. re: DavidT

          My current favourites at Borough Market are:
          - porchetta or coppa di testa sandwiches at Gastronomica
          - cheese sandwich at Kappacaesin
          - pasta (especially the occasional special of stuffed gnocchi) at La Tua Pasta
          - fish & prawn wrap at Applebee's
          - kanom krok at Kranom Krok
          - chocolate at Rabot Estate
          - coffee at Eliot's (and a much shorter queue than Monmouth 2 doors away)

          On Saturday mornings, Maltby Street market is more chowy and less crowded than Borough Market. Was a fan of Broadway Market as well, but haven't been in a while.

        2. I would second the recommendation for a trip to the Borough Market, but go early in the morning as it can get very, very crowded later in the day.

          1. Magdalen (Bermondsey)
            Lahore Nihari (East Ham)
            Chennai Dosa (Tooting)
            Maotai Kitchen (Chinatown)
            Trinity (Clapham)
            Koya (Soho)
            Pizzaro (Bermondsey)
            Brasserie Chavot (Mayfair)
            The Heron (Paddington)