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Trinity Modern Greek Taverna

Have heard very good things from several friends, but haven't had a chance to visit yet. http://www.trinitytaverna.com/

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  1. A website that auto plays music and requires clicks to see even basic info, is it 1996 again?

    Seriously I know this is a harsh thing to say but if a restaurant has an ill considered web site (this one is not at least physically ugly) I basically assume that similar bad decision making happens in relation to the kitchen.

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      As far as I understand, Trinity Taverna is somehow connected to the owner and/or management of the Queue de Cheval steakhouse in Montreal, which has been a successful restaurant for years, and the Trinity Taverna which had been in operation in Montreal.

      My friends were happy with their meals, especially the seafood dishes and mezes. The menu includes some mezes and sides I haven't seen frequently in TO Greek restaurants: http://www.trinitytaverna.com/media/d...

      I've also heard good things about the patio's atmosphere and ambiance. It will be nice to have a solid Greek option with a nice patio and view in the Beaches.

      I'm not here to critique the website.Joso's has an obnoxious website, yet it serves some of the best seafood in TO. I'm here to pass along news about good food when I hear about it. The same friend who told me about Trinity is the friend who led me to post (under my former handle of phoenikia) about the souvlaki at Folia Grill. Since hearing about Trinity Taverna on the weekend, I've heard more good reports about the food from more friends. The friends who have recommened Trinity Taverna to me have dined at tavernas throughout different regions in Greece, and one of them is an accomplished home cook with respect to Greek food. If the food at a new Greek restaurant in TO makes them happy, I'm going to take the time to check it out, obnoxious website or not.

      I'm looking forward to trying their grilled octopus and fried calamari, to see how their versions compare to the versions at Volos and on the Danforth.

      Trinity Taverna takes reservations through Opentable.

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        Prima, on a completely unrelated topic, how were you able to trade your name for a new one. I've been wanting to do that for a while, but don't know how.

    2. I will give it a go for sure but I find lakeshore really inaccessible via ttc so it will have to be a night I feel like getting a car or taxi both ways.

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        If it's the boardwalk place the Woodbine or Coxwell buses both get you pretty close (considering it's a nice walk thru park or along beach). If you're willing to take a bus to eat somewhere... I live on the subway and am a bit of a bus snob myself :)

      2. Ah

        This is the place that has moved in to the building where the Boardwalk Pub used to be. There are some interior shots on facebook and it looks very pretty.

        It's only been open since July 17th

        1. Oh my. I am drooling over the menu. It all looks appealing Looking forward to trying it.

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            I looked at the menu, and it looks great for a carnivore, hahaha. Would like to see some veggie options!

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              There are some vegetables but they seem to all be on the mezze and spreads part of the menu. Well I have to go buy some new speakers now, I shot them as that music on the website is very irritating

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                Accessing it from a mobile device is way less irritating, then!

          2. Wow - I had zero expectations for that place based on the former restaurant. How are the prices? That's a great location for me.

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              Kinda spendy for lunch(if you eat like I do),$30.-$50. per person. Looks good though...

            2. Interesting, just happened to be browsing through the Toronto section to see what's going on there these days when I noticed the Trinity thread. As someone mentioned above there is a Montreal connection. Here's an old MTL thread, http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/4119....

              The group's website, http://mrgconcepts.com/en/trinity-est....

              I never got the chance to try it, it was located right smack downtown, never found out why it closed, prices were high here as it seems to be the case with the Toronto menu.

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                Thanks for adding the group's website. :)

                I guess I'm not surprised with the higher prices. Based on what some friends had told me about their experiences at the Trinity on Drummond several years ago, I was under the impression that Trinity had been serving upscale Greek food in a stylish/trendy taverna setting, and that the food quality was somewhat higher than the midrange Greek restaurants in Montreal, but not quite at the level of Milos. If I remember correctly, Trinity was also trying to be the type of establishment people would also visit in the evening/on weekends for cocktails, mezes and live Greek music, in addition to serving lunch and dinner.

                I'd expect to pay 20-30 percent more at the relatively upscale Trinity, compared to the midrange Greek restaurants on the Danforth.

                When I looked at Trinity's menu, most dishes seem to be a couple dollars more the dishes at the relatively upscale Volos in downtown TO. I'm not sure what the portion sizes will be like at Trinity. If the portions are generous, it could be a better value than anticipated.

                Looking forward to hearing what Chowhounds have to say about their experiences.

              2. The place is being eviscerated on yelp, which I don't always agree with.

                I went.

                Much of the staff seems to have a chip on his or her shoulder. The pricing can get a bit out of control - something like $42 for a few lamb chops is egregious. The gyro is $18 but maybe the best deal there - a very large portion, lots of freshly carved lamb and a generous serving of fries.

                1. As opposed to most people below I actually went here in person so my review is first hand... not based on hearsay, sister restaurants or the look of their website...

                  First off the people were very nice and accommodating we arrived around 8pm on the Wednesday after the long weekend and the place was fairly full but they had not expected too many people so has several seating sections closed. As we had a 3yo in tow we did not want to sit with a view of the playground as she would just want to go play so they actually opened a section for us and (who I think was) the manager served us.

                  We started with the cheese balls & grilled peppers. We asked if the peppers were hot and the waiter stated they had a kick to them but were not too spicy.. when they arrived they had no flavor, none at all no heat, no flavor, I have had tastier sweet peppers on a veal sandwich at a takeout shop. The cheese was also very bland (which became a theme through the night).

                  For dinner my friend had the chicken (had to share with the 3yo) and I had the lamb chops. Chicken was fine,nothing special but the rice with it was again bland.

                  My lamb chops were also under seasoned and fatty and even the fries (yet FRIES?) that come with it needed extra salt.

                  All in all for the money that was paid ($200 with tax & tip) for two apps, two mains, two glasses of wine and two standard cocktails I will not be rushing to go back...

                  That being said the open kitchen seemed to be doing some nice things with the fish but I will want to hear what others say about it before I take a chance.

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                    Thanks for the detailed report. I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but it's still on my list. I had been planning to try the salads, grilled octopus, grilled calamari and fried calamari in August, as part of the Calamari Crawl. I had made a tentative reservation, but I cancelled the reservation when only 2 other Chowhounds were available.

                    Too bad the meal was so mediocre. What a disappointment. I hope the restaurant reads what you wrote and works at improving the food coming out of their kitchen. I'd also be hesitant to try their fish, if they aren't seasoning other dishes enough. I highly recommend Joso's if you're looking for nicely seasoned fish. :)

                  2. My wife and I have been to Taverna twice - perhaps a week after they had first opened, and just yesterday.

                    We loved the ambiance and decor… the large windows opening up onto the beach and patio scene were great. Lots of natural light and the white-accented decor; we felt transported.

                    Both times the food was very good. Where it fell down was in service and management.

                    Both times we sat the bar, where the same young woman served us. She was not unpleasant or malicious - she just wasn’t ‘there’ at all. Her manner and indifference to service suggests that she is ‘protected’ - as if she were the niece or daughter of an owner or deep-pocketed investor. Every one else we dealt with was relatively professional, courteous and quick. Clearly some of them were covering for our server - who spent most of her time shuffling around the bar and staring off into space, or idly chatting with other waitstaff. It was an oddly discordant note. She never asked us how the food was - never followed up on our drinks, either - then disappeared (left for her break, we later deduced) near the end of our meal.

                    When it had become obvious we had grown tired of waiting for her to reappear and finish with us, another, more on-the-ball woman stepped in. Alas, after a few more minutes she came back to us saying that she couldn’t find in the system what we’d ordered. We told her what we’d had but she wanted to find the order entry and went off to find the girl on break. That took a few more minutes. When she had been retrieved, she was consulted by some young mid-management fellow and the same woman, the three of them hovering above a display, talking amongst themselves. Still more minutes passed. Our drinks were dry, our card out. It was like a comedy of errors and we were the butt of the joke. Finally the original server came up to us, slid the bill toward us without making eye contact, and said “there you are” - then tapped another woman on the shoulder to say with a smile “I’m going back to my break.” Then she flitted out again. It was left to the other woman to say “sorry for the delay” and thank us for our patience.

                    The other sour note was the creepy management vibe which clashed with the tasteful ambiance. Some manager or owner was off on the other side of the restaurant, near the kitchen. Evidently he thought it was his job to loudly bellow at the people working there, using the F-word. If you’re going to yell at your own people, at least have the good sense to put a wall up between the patrons and the kitchen. Otherwise the busy open kitchen looked pretty cool; it’s too bad. We hadn’t witnessed this kind of coarseness the first time around. We came to relax and enjoy some good food, not be involuntarily subjected to needless thuggery.

                    The lamb burgers were delicious. But we don’t think we can go back to sit at the bar - which is something we much prefer to do at most restaurants - if we can expect a repeat act. And if the management thinks their very public style of heaping abuse on staff is sexy, then they have a real problem.

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                      localfocal it sounds like management hasn't missed a step with their obnoxious public behavior from Montreal to Toronto. They act the same way here in Montreal, it's almost like they think it's funny and think people want to watch the bad train wreck.

                      1. re: JerkPork

                        If you want a good laugh, check out the videos under Raison d'Etre, especially What the Hell is Le Queue de Cheval. Illuminating!


                        1. re: MissBingBing

                          MissBingBing: Ok, I saw that site and the answer to that question. All I can say is: Cheeze Royale. Feels very dated and dusty old school. But it does help illuminate where they're coming from.

                        2. re: JerkPork

                          It's a real shame, JP. We really want to like this place but they're making it an uphill battle.

                      2. I went to Trinity last night with my husband. We live in the area and most of the food in the beach is not great, so we were very happy to find a place with good good that wasn't a sports bar/pub. We had tried to go several times but the patio was always closed.

                        The ambiance is great. I read someone's posting about it being similar to a Montreal restaurant and I totally agree. You walk in the door and fresh fish is on display.

                        Our server was great. She was part dutch and part south african and had a wonky accent. She made good recommendations based on how much food to order and what food to order. The person that seated us was a little out to lunch.. but she apologized. They act as though they are trying to make everyone happy.

                        We had the spinach dumplings, salmon baklava, tatziki, pita, porgy (fresh greek imported fish), feta cheesecake, and two glasses of the chardonnay they sell by the glass. Our bill was $148 before tip. The dumplings and fish were really yummy, the salmon was good and special, the cheesecake was an interesting take on the traditional greek cheese. I found the wine we ordered too acidic even with the food.

                        I would go back because the seafood was done well. The place is a little pretentious but it didn't bother me that much. I love the location. My husband was a little bothered by the a la carte process. You order tatziki but it doesn't come with pita. His attitude is charge me $13 and have it come with pita versus making me order the dip $7 and the pita $6.He felt as though it's a way to boost you bill.

                        I must say that I was surprised that they don't charge you for the bottled water they automatically pour for you the moment you sit down. It seems like the kind of place that would.

                        The wine is served in traditional greek small glasses but they have more traditional french wine glasses if you ask.

                        All in all, good meal. Would go back. Great location.

                        Also, my experience was no where near as bad as Le Queue de Cheval. There I somehow accidently ordered a shot of Louis the thirteeth. I'm happy I had been eating there for work. La Queue was way more prentitious.

                        1. Tried Trinity for "brunch" today (was mainly a "lunch" menu with a few Greek takes on more standard brunch items).

                          We were very impressed with the lamb's neck in shallot and red onion compote, with roasted bone marrow and squares of sweet toast. Really flavourful and interesting (if rich…). Photo attached.

                          Also enjoyed the roast lamb, caramelized leek and feta dumplings, though would have preferred something non-deep fried (baked?).

                          For mains we had grilled halibut - simple and lovely, charred crisp on top and flaky inside, with fresh oregano leaves. Unfortunately most of the rest of the seafood doesn't appear to be sustainable so our fish options were limited.
                          We also had the veal cheek moussaka - a little heavy on the béchamel for us (and oil on the eggplant) but really really tasty. The braised meat was gorgeous.
                          The fish didn't come with any sides so we ordered the oyster mushrooms and horta (dandelions). The mushrooms were simple and delicious with lemon, salt, oregano and olive oil; the horta were nicely cooked but a little bland, needed more salt.

                          We were too full to try dessert but hope to be back soon to see what we think. Had no issues with service.

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                            I wonder where the website is hosted, maybe Afghanistan? After 2 minutes the first page has not loaded. How long did you have to wait for your meal, 4 hours?

                            1. re: foodyDudey

                              Ha ha. It takes about a minute for me - maybe their videos are too heavy. Fortunately the website annoyance doesn't translate to food-waiting time, which was slightly long around 15-20 minutes, but not a problem.

                              1. re: Klafouti

                                That seems to have been a temporary problem, but it was strange that other sites were loading will this one was stuck.