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Aug 1, 2013 05:19 AM

NY Times New Jersey Dining Section

Anybody else read it? Recent reviews of Bangkok House in Eatontown and Blue Marlin in Bradley Beach.

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  1. I have not, but thank you for providing us the link. Good to see you posting nice and early this morning!

    1. I posted information on the Bangkok House review on the 27th....

      1. I do, every Sunday. The paper version.

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        1. re: missybean

          Me too! Although I've been known to get a sneak peek online a couple of days wit: they just did a terrific piece on Chef Floyd Cardoz, going to his favorite spots in Edison!

          1. re: Curlz

            That article about Cardoz's visit made me realize how long its been since I've done a road trip to Edison. I need to work one into the schedule. Anyone want to join me?

            I usually go to Sagwath Gourmet (love their dosa) but I may have to try some of the other places he mentions.

            By the way, the article was in the Wednesday Dining section, not the Sunday Metropolitan section where the NJ restaurant reviews usually reside.


            1. re: missybean

              I haven't done the trip across the Driscoll in a while myself. When I do, however, I can't do just one cuisine. I need to add a stop at a Chinese restaurant, a burger from White Rose, and a stocking up at European Provisions. Maybe H Mart, if time and energy permit.

              1. re: MGZ

                I gotta remember that....

                For me, H Mart , plus dinner at Keum Ho Jung with leftovers usually fills up the ca. Truth be told, once before H Mart opened, I did manage to shop at the small Korean market in the same strip as KHJ, the large Asian market opposite it on Route 1 and the Hong Kong market on Route 18 all in one trip. I was on a mission to find specific items.

                I've only been to European Provisions once a long time age, and that was by accident. I'll have to stop by again and check it out in more depth.


          2. re: missybean

            I just found out, though, that the Metropolitan Section is now being delivered with the Saturday part of the Sunday paper. I was looking for the section two weeks in a row on Sundays and couldn't find it. I finally called them!

            1. re: jbsiegel

              Thanks for the heads up on the delivery change. I was starting to get to ticked off at my delivery person.


              1. re: missybean

                Ha ha! I reported a "damaged paper" two weeks in a row before I figured it out. Oh we'll - free papers!! ;-)

                1. re: jbsiegel

                  Thanks again. First thing this morning I looked for the Metro section. It was behind Automobiles which I very rarely open.

          3. i do check it. The thing is the reviewer used to give a "Worth It" rating almost every time.
            Recently, it seems there are more "Very Good" rating given out.