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Old Town rec

We're looking for a dinner place in Old Town for 4 "oldsters" and a 10-yr-old granddaughter. Any recs?

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  1. I like El Agave for Mexican and Berta's for Latin American in Oldster Town.

    1. As you can see from the thin recs, the level of food quality in Old Town is a bit lacking.

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        Dr. Chow pretty much hit on the Chowish Duo. If you are limited to Old Town as your area, you might be better served using Yelp (because even though many of us eat in Old Town from time to time, we probably aren't going to admit it here).

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          Not only that, but I also think locals are still pissed about the clumsy and heavy handed way the State of CA ousted the Bazaar del Mundo complex and turned it into a drab - but historically and politically correct - "seaport" village with zero charm or appeal.

          The State ensured there was no reason to go and even though they have since canned Deleware North and installed a new local vendor, it was too little, too late. Old Town is a shadow of it's former self with little to entice locals (or tourists for that matter) and little to offer. It's sad really...

        2. El Agave for upscale Mexican, The Cosmopolitan Restaurant and for just okay food but nice atmospheres, Cafe Coyote and Casa de Reyes.

          No one would pretend Old Town has SD's best Mexican food, but neither is it as bad as some like to make it out to be.

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            I suggest Casa Guadalajara. Cafe Coyote is not a bad choice.

            I would skip Old Town Mexican Cafe- long waits and poor food.

          2. I had lunch at El Agave Thursday.

            I enjoyed the view of the liquor store parking lot.

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              Luckily, it's the best liquor store in town!

            2. If I "had" to recommend someplace in Old Town (for "oldsters"), I would go with Casa Guadalajara as well. The house-made flour tortillas make up for a few of their menu deficiencies. The carnitas are moist and flavorful. It's loud in there if the Mariachis are playing so ask for outside seating if that bothers you.

              1. Going to meet someone for lunch in Old Town tomorrow. Any new places y'all would recommend?

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                  Haven't heard about that one. What dishes are good ?

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                    Ha -- nothing at all worth recommending at "x", sorry. Here's what happened:


                    OK. I posted places in Old Town that I think are good -- Berta's, El Agave, and Sushi Tadakoro. Then I looked back and saw that that I'd said that before on this thread, so it was redundant. Then I re-read nessy's question and realized that what she actually wanted to know was if there were any NEW places of merit in Eldervlille. I couldn't think of any, so I scratched my whole post (changed it to "x" and asked the mods to delete the "x"). Guess I didn't act fast enough. Or they didn't. Whatever.

                    Come to think of it, though, maybe "x" is the correct answer to nessy's question...

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                      Ok! Looks like agave, berthas, sushi or Guadalajara unless any one else knows any new places! Still hoping.....