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Aug 1, 2013 02:06 AM

bagels and cream cheeses

been on a bagel kick lately

off supermarket shelves I have tried are:

Thomas everything - my go to brand. presliced, thick, and chewy.

bubba - stay away any flavor

loves - not good either any flavor

there were a few more brands, but they were poor too.

now you may have heard me complain that I could not find a poppyseed only bagel here in Hawaii, so I was excited to see that safeway beretania had artisan bagels with only poppyseeds! I was disappointed to find that the texture is off. they were just mediocre bread in the shape of doughnuts. they are so bready that I am not wasting cream cheese on them, they are getting spread with pb and jam.

I have also extolled the virtues of scallion cream cheese found so commonly in nyc. aside from mixing green onions/chives/onions myself, I have found that philly brand cream cheese with onion an dchives is an acceptable substitute. Lucerne brand garden vegetable cream cheese is not. it tastes alright, like bell peppers, and is thicker than philly.

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  1. Have you tried the fresh bagels at This Is It, across from Fisher Hawaii in Kakaako? Haven't had them recently, but always thought they were better than supermarket brands. Interested to know what someone more familiar w NYC bagels thinks.

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      I'm not familiar with NYC bagels either. I agree that "This Is It" has pretty good bagels. Lox of Bagels on Sand Island Road, roughly across from Pella Windows is also better than what you will find in the supermarket in my experience. I haven't found any of the coffee house bagels to be exceptional.

    2. I don't buy bagels because I don't like bread that fights back. I get small bread rolls and use them for cream cheese and lox purposes.