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Jul 31, 2013 10:54 PM

Hummus Mediterranean Kitchen, San Mateo - who's tried it?

A couple weeks ago I walked by this new to me place Hummus Mediterranean Kitchen but I didn't try it. Place looks good for solo, groups & families.

I did grab a menu.
Hummus are served w/ fresh baked homemade pita.- 7 kinds of hummus:
Classic $5.50/half $3
Add chicken or lamb & beef gyros $2.5
Artichoke $6.50
Pesto $6.5
Avocado $7
Chipotle $6/half $3.5
Mushroom $6.5
Sweet & Spicy $6/half $3.5

they also have salads & soup

Mezze cold appetizers served w/ fresh baked homemade pita
Muhammara $6.5/$4
eggplant salad
thatziki $5.5
dolma 5pcs $5.5
liver $6
piyaz $6

Mezze warm - appetizers
Kibbeh $8
Falafel $6.5
Zucchini cake $6.5
Kalamar $8
Hellim $6.5
Chicken wings $6

Wraps & more
lamb & beef gyros $7.5
chicken gyros
falafel $7
falafel burger $8
salmon $8
lamburger $8
grilled roasted eggplant $7
Ground lamb & beef kebab $8

Pastry & flatbreads
lahmacun 2pcs $9.5
cheese pide $8
spicy soujuk pide $9
mushroom pide $9
spinach borek $5
ground beef borek $6
cigarette rolls 4pcs $5

House plates $10-$15.50
Gyros plate $10.50
Kofte $11.50
House combination $15.50

Sides orders $3-5.50

daily dessert $3.5
kunefe $5
chocolate cake $6 (gf)

Drinks $2-3.50

Draft Beer

Mediterranean style breakfast Sat-Sun 9am-1pm

Hummus Mediterranean Kitchen
150 E. 4th Ave, San Mateo
Catering available
Open daily 10:30am-10pm

Any hounds try it yet?

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  1. Yes, we went once, a few months ago, shortly after it opened. We got two sampler platters, the house combo and the mezze trio, so we could try lots of things. I'm trying to remember - we liked it, we would go back, but I don't recall being very impressed and excited. Our regular rotation includes Sushi Sam's and Osteria Coppa, with occasional forays into Hotaru. If we were in the mood for convenient Mediterranean (don't want to drive to Oren's), we'd return.

    I recall that the chicken was dry and maybe the rest of the meat too, except I think the lamb burger patty was fine. The waitress accidentally gave us tzajiki instead of baba ghanoush in my mezze trio, so when I told her, she gave us the baba ghanoush too. The tzajiki was good, the hummus was good, and I didn't like the plyaz. I liked the falafel, but it's a very different style than what I am used to. I would order the mezze trio again next time. The pita isn't pita as I know it, more of a flat-ish bread. The staff was very friendly.