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Jul 31, 2013 10:46 PM

Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken Restaurant EV

I can't wait to try it. The executive chef moved from Blue Ribbon Izakaya, which I find amazing, to Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken. Has anyone checked it out yet? I plan on getting there in the next few days.

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  1. Is Blue Ribbon fried chicken the same recipe as that at Brooklyn Bowl? I actually host a fried chicken club around the city with some friends and there was a popular desire to check out the EV restaurant, but if it has that same off, slightly Five Spice flavor I'm not sure if I want to add it to our itinerary. Certainly not if the owners of Peaches Hothouse are opening another space dedicated to Georgia classic in the same week.

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    1. re: JungMann

      yah i hope they have the brooklyn bowl one...that one is great especially with some honey

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        I believe it's a new recipe and totally different style, but I haven't been there yet. I only have spoken to the people at Blue Ribbon Izakaya, when they told me their executive chef was now at Blue Ribbon Chicken and they said it was awesome

        1. re: foodwhisperer

          that's exciting..its so close to where i live, ill def be checking it out

      2. I actually stopped by for lunch during one of their free tasting sessions. The place reminds me of a Shake Shack for fried chicken. Very slick and spacious inside.

        You can order fried chicken by the piece (breast, thigh, drumstick, wing, “mighty wing”); fried chicken dinner platters; griddled chicken burgers; sides (fries, potato wedges, cole slaw, pickled peppers, onion rings, pickled cucumbers, fried dilly beans, three bean); salads; and several options for drinks, including Mexican Coke/Sprite.

        I decided to keep things simple and ordered a breast, drumstick, coleslaw, french fries and a Mexican coke. Everything was free and I technically could've ordered so much more, but I just wanted to see how good the signature chicken was.

        The fried chicken here is pretty distinctive in that you can really taste the “Classic Spice” dry rub seasoning that’s on the skin. I liked how the skin was crispy without being overly dry or the other extreme of too oily. I was surprised that I actually preferred the breast to the drumstick, as the former usually tends to be a mound of unattractive, desiccated meat that lacks flavor or moisture.

        You can choose to dip the fried chicken in the sauces on the table–your options include Mustard Honey, Chipotle Honey, Wild Flower Honey, BRBBQ and hot sauce. Doing so results in a marinated chicken that resembles the sweet fried chicken of the Korean Bon Chon variety. I actually thought this made the chicken taste better, especially with the Mustard Honey sauce.

        In terms of sides--I thought the skinny fries here were absolutely amazing. The coleslaw was also well seasoned. It was a great, refreshing counterbalance to the heavier fried things that I was eating for lunch. The dressing was slightly sweet yet pickled and not overly thick.

        Overall, I appreciated the fried chicken here but I didn't love it. It was cooked and seasoned perfectly, but I don’t think I liked how prominently I could taste the Classic Spice dry rub. I’m more of a purist and like to keep things simple with just salt and pepper. I did like customizing the chicken with the sauces, but I think the Korean chicken places are superior when it comes to the sweet marinades. I would definitely come back just for the fries. And it’s a bit expensive–my total tab came out to about $18.

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        1. re: gabandgobble

          Sounds delicious! Silly question: what's the difference between a wing and a "mighty wing"?

          1. re: ellenost

            Good question I wish I could answer that

          2. We got take-out tonight.

            We got the Bird combo—two breasts, two wings, two drumsticks and two thighs—for $24. A really great value; the breasts are huge! We also got two small sides of the cole slaw and the fries.

            The fries are great. Easily some of the best fries I've had anywhere. The cole slaw I tried was good, but my boyfriend wasn't that willing to share (understandably). The individual cole slaw side was a little small for $3.

            I think for a solo diner it can be a little pricier, but for two people it came in at just under $35 (no drinks, since we ate at home) and I only managed to eat two pieces of chicken since the breasts were massive.

            I like the flavor and crispiness of the batter, although I was bummed that they didn't include any sauces with the to-go order.

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            1. re: loratliff

              thanks for the report. It's on my list to check out. And if the food was good for takeout, it will even be better eating there.

            2. Ate their last night. It was okay. Onion rings were great, fries were good, and I thought the chicken was okay. Got a wing, drumstick and breast. The latter was huge and, I thought, a little bland. They are clearly going for a Shake Shack kind of feel, but, to my mind, it's not at that level. It's kind of an unfair comparison, because they are two totally different types of restaurants, but for fried chicken in the East Village I'd go to Redhead. That is, however, less of a casual restaurant.

              The owners and chefs were around last night asking what people thought, so I'm sure there's tweaking to be done. I'll check it out again in a few weeks.

              1. Had lunch there today: the dark meat meal, thigh and drumstick with fries, a roll with corn kernels inside, and pickles.

                The drumstick was ok, the thigh really good. Perfectly cooked, very juicy. The crispy coating itself is great, but l think they put *way* too much of that spice rub in it. l think the rub really does it a disservice: it's very one-note. Just salt and pepper would make it truly outstanding.

                The fries would've been excellent, but omg, they put SO much salt on them. Thinking back on it, l'm sure l could've asked for another serving with less salt, as the service is super friendly and accommodating [as it is at all of the Blue Ribbons l've been to].

                ln any event, it was a pretty good amount of food for $10, and would've been excellent but for the overseasoning. l guess they're still working out the kinks. l'll try the breast or one of the sandwiches next.

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                1. re: howdini

                  Ha, I loved the super salty fries! They reminded me a lot of Burger Joint's, actually.

                  1. re: loratliff

                    Heh, l could feel my BP rise by 15 points by the end of the meal!

                    1. re: howdini

                      I prefer adding my own salt , or lately i put black pepper instead.