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Dishes you like to prepare, because they are simple and tasty ?

There's a million of them out there. I was reading another thread about a nineteen year old starting to cook.The less ingredients the better. It inspired me to see what you've got. And I need some new ideas.

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  1. ricotta al forno from evan kleiman's cookbook.
    5 ingredients total.
    i omit the salt because the parmesan cheese contributes more than enough.

    1. Pesto pasta with crispy bacon crumpled on top (or no bacon at all). I tend to buy a good jar of pesto to use and the meal can be put together in less than 15 minutes.

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        Bacon and pesto are a magical combination!

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          I love bacon and pesto too - but I also add some cream to mellow it a bit.

        1. Soups! I make a few pots of different vegetable soups each weekend to have in the fridge. I keep it very simple to let the vegetables shine.
          Simple chicken broth with 2 or 3 vegetables and a few seasonings/herbs- or a cream of ( blank) soup. I love cream of asparagus or cream of broccoli with very few ingredients.

          1. Chicken schnitzel:
            Breadcrumbs or panko, chicken, Dijon mustard to spread on chicken, eggs, butter

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                So yummy but I always end up scrambling the eggs. It still tastes delicious and is only embarrassing when my husband brags to someone about his wife's delicious pasta with scrambled eggs.

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                  Do it JUST LIKE THIS and you won't have that problem again.


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                    What ended my problems with 'scrambling' and made this a dish of creamy perfection was learning to add a bit of the pasta cooking water.

                    Am making it almost always for two, so I scoop some into a half cup just before draining, and find I use less than half of that.

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                        To each his/her own; the delicious result is what counts.

                2. I almost always have a bag of frozen shrimp in the fridge. Stir fry shrimp, zucchini (or whatever veggies you have on hand) with any combo of seasoning...my recent is lime/olive oil/hot pepper S&P.

                  1. Steak rubbed with salt and pepper, baked potato, and a spinach & tomato salad with balsamic dressing. What's that? What's that? 9-12 ingredients for an entire meal?

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                      Duh, steak, salt, pepper screaming hot pan...my all time favorite simple dish

                    2. Caprese salad with sun-warmed tomatoes and basil from the garden.

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                      1. butter-poached shrimp.

                        pillowy soft scrambled eggs.

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                          would you explain butter poached shrimp?

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                            1. melt butter on low heat

                            2. poach peeled shrimp


                            you can add herbs or seasoning at the end. last time i stirred some harissa paste into the butter. the shrimp cooks gently and you get a great sauce to have over rice or veggies.

                            could not be easier.

                        2. Flank steak marinated overnight in red wine vinegar, olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper, then grilled to medium rare. I prefer this even to pricier cuts of beef.

                          Socca: chickpea flour, water, olive oil, parmesan, rosemary, salt, pepper cooked on the stovetop then broiled.

                          Fresh sweet corn nuked in the microwave, by itself. I'll never go back to butter and salt or any other topping again. If the corn is sweet enough, it needs nothing, and microwaving won't hurt it. Plus, it's cooler than boiling.

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                            Flank steak is on my list of cuts to try but I always seem to forget to plan time to marinate and also was hesitant to marinate as I didn't want to cloud the flavor of the meat as I hear it's a lovely beefy cut, but that seems like a pretty simple flavor combo that wouldn't be too overwhelming.

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                              The marinade that I use for flank steak is similar and it is a hit every single time.

                              For approximately 2 lbs of flank steak...

                              1/3 cup olive oil
                              2 cloves garlic, minced
                              2 Tbsp red wine vinegar
                              1/3 cup soy sauce
                              1/4 cup honey
                              1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

                          2. Omelet with cheese.

                            French toast

                            Vinaigrette dressing over simple green salad



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                              Yum, guacamole and/or hummus with homemade oven fries to dip.

                            2. Roasted brussels sprouts - 4 ingredients - sprouts, olive oil, salt, pepper. People request them all the time for potlucks, etc., and I make them often just for me. Only downside is the smell lingers for a while . . .

                              1. Cornchips with fried onions, peppers and chicken on top, then salsa and cheese. Super-quick, tasty, and I use enough salsa to count as at least one veg.

                                1. Musakhan
                                  Chicken adobo
                                  Singapore mai fun or really any stir fried noodles

                                  1. bruschetta on the Grill - simple, quick delicious..

                                    1. Chipotle Roasted Corn Soup
                                      Five ingredients. 20-25 min from start to finish.

                                      1. This time of year, gazpacho!

                                        I do lots of quick bean and veggie salads.


                                        Fried egg sandwich.

                                        1. White rice, fried egg (w/runny yolk), soy sauce.

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                                            white rice, raw egg, furikake, soy sauce, a few dots of sesame. My fave by myself breakfast.

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                                                Bob doesn't like raw eggs especially so when he's out golfing that's my fave b'fast.

                                          2. Thanks for all your ideas.I want to make all of them.

                                            1. Grilled sandwiches with your favourite fillings. I like tuna with a little mayo, some roasted peppers and a little mozza.

                                              1. Good tuna salad recipe, in a sandwich of toasted bread.

                                                1. Chicken and rice.

                                                  Brown your seasoned chicken pieces, remove from pan, sauté onion (and other veggies as desired), sauté 1 cup rice for a minute with the onion, put the chicken back in the pan, add two cups water (or stock), add a bag of frozen peas cover and simmer for 30 minutes.

                                                  One pot meal, impressive, and delicious.

                                                  1. Pancakes. Flour, salt, milk, baking powder, and baking soda.

                                                    Vary the amount and type of milk and you have super thick buttermilks to gauzy crepes.

                                                    And the garnishing begins!

                                                    1. This is just a app but so good and I almost always have the ingredients on hand.

                                                      A can of Italian tuna packed in oo, some capers, a bit of minced red onion, some chopped cilantro, s&p, a little more oo (I love Meyer lemon oo) and maybe a drop or three of sherry or champagne vinegar.