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Jul 31, 2013 09:38 PM

2 weeks in Paris, 7 arr, need help with restaurants, please!

My bf & I will be in Paris for a couple of weeks next & month and have chosen the 7th arr as our home base. We are in our 30s, first time in Paris and we will be staying in an apt with a kitchen. Can you kindly suggest great lunch & dinner places around our area and, of course, other areas as well?

Would prefer non-touristy places that range $-$$$ ($30-$80 for 2 including a bottle of wine ($25). We would also like to splurge 1 night for a fabulous meal that's around $200 including $25 wine. Ironically, I'm trying to be specific with the price range to give a general idea of our budget. How is the food at one of the restaurants inside the Eiffel? I'm sure the views are amazing but does the food actually warrant the price? We're open-minded eaters and appreciate both comfort food & innovative dishes. Romantic places a plus! We're exploring sites & places to eat by neighborhoods so if it's not too much trouble, please include the arr or neighborhood of your recommendation as I'm still trying to learn the areas. Thank you in advance for your replies! I'm new to this forum.

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  1. I think first-off that for places near where you'll be staying it would help to know the exact street/avenue intersection and for places elsewhere in the city you might want to do a little searching here and tell us what reviews and recommendations resonate with you so we have a better idea of where to guide you.
    As for the Eiffel Tower, there are opinions posted in the last year about the Jules Verne and 58 Tour Eiffel here and elsewhere you might want to look at rather than starting anew.