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Jul 31, 2013 06:55 PM

After dinner wine bar?

Having an early meal at Farm & Fisherman this weekend and plan to walk some of it off after dinner. Looking for some CH recommendations for going to a wine bar within a reasonable distance for a couple of in-shape grandparents who like to walk. Or, we're happy to drive to a really good spot. A place that's not "too noisy" would be nice, but not a must.

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  1. Tria, 1137 Spruce is the first one that comes to mind. Tria also has another near Rittenhouse, and very close to a Capogiro for gelate.

    The Farmer's Cabinet on Walnutis another place that comes to mind. The food is questionable there, but the atmosphere is very dark, almost speak easy like. European craft beer, good cocktails and a decent wine list. I have not been there since the last round of drama when half the staff left.

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      +1 for Tria- it's not too loud, especially if it's nice enough to sit outside. This location is pretty close to the Capogiro at 13th and Chestnut too.

    2. Vintage on 13th street is an option, probably a half mile. I'd say more on the noisy side, but probably hard to avoid that at most places on a weekend.