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Jul 31, 2013 06:22 PM

Comfort food gift/delivery in Cambridge?

People I love are going through an awful experience. Rather than send them flowers, I was thinking about a food-type thing. Ideally it would require minimal work on their part, keep well if they aren't around/in the mood, and be nourishing, comforting, delicious. And I need to order it from NYC and have it delivered to them in Porter Square-ish Cambridge.
Things that would work are a good gazpacho, cheese, olives, bread, salad; enchiladas or lasagna, bread, salad; great seasonal local fruit; i don't know.
Thanks so much in advance.

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  1. Formaggio Kitchen does some great gift platters and baskets. I believe delivery in Cambridge is free for orders over $50. It's not cheap, but it is excellent quality.

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    1. re: Gabatta

      Good idea.And rose would likely find a compassionate ear at Form. who would take more personal care with it. (Ask for the manager.)
      How thoughtful of you, rose. i'm sure they will be appreciative.

      Some specific suggestions: country pate, Iggy's bread, cheeses, finochiolo sausage,soup/gazpacho, (house made)Alice's brownies,granola and individual Choc pots de creme.

      1. re: opinionatedchef

        Thanks. Can you tell me more about Form (location, website or phone)? Maybe it's my sleep deprivation but it's not easy to google.

        Wait. Are you abbreviating Formaggio? Oh!

        1. re: rose water

          There is no place called Form.

          You want Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge that Gabatta mentioned.

          1. re: rose water

            Yes, I think opinionated chef meant Formaggio Kitchen.

            I will venture to say, I would go easy on the perishables, even the stuff that will keep. They may be overloaded with food - fridge and freezers already I'd suggest that you make something that can sit on a shelf part of your gift - a nice bottle of olive oil, wine (if they drink it), some decadent French jams, etc. Formaggio Kitchen has a lot of these items.