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Jul 31, 2013 06:14 PM

What about these Portland restos? Need feedback

For our one night in Portland, we were going to go to Eventide, but may forego that after reading about a few Portland (and Maine) restaurants here.
We were thinking of:
Petite Jacqueline for some French fare (although I am nervous about the investigations about people being ill last year) - thoughts?
Sonny's for Latino chow

Also, Figo for Brazilian.

Or, would we be missing out on something great?

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  1. Petite Jacqueline is OK--not one of my favorites--I'm sort of indifferent about the food--Pai Men Miyake or Boda Thai are much better dinner choices in that neighborhood.
    Sonny's is reliably fine for tex mex-ish/south american style food, and has particularly good cocktails/bar.
    Figa is closed.

    I love Eventide but it's small and very busy during the high tourist season, particularly at peak dining hours--definitely worth it if you don't mind eating early or late, or waiting in line. .

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      Thanks; we may wait it out for Eventide if nothing else really stands out. we really don't want to eat tex-mex, but really good south american, maybe. Too bad about Figa, looks like the type of restos we like.

      1. re: sultanaboudreau

        No surprise that I 2nd everything again. I happen to like Petite Jacqueline but have never been really blown away by the food - it's just really convenient for me and they serve very solid French brasserie/bistro food that you can get in any good sized city. I've had equally good or better similar food in at least 3 Boston restaurants. That's why I seldom recommend it to visitors. I wouldn't worry about the investigations.
        I see the OP has been inquiring about oysters on other threads. Stay with Eventide, even if you have to wait. If there's only two of you, try to sit at the main bar. That's where the action is.

        1. re: bobbert

          agreed--Petite Jacqueline is a reliable neighborhood bistro but I wouldn't recommend it to someone from out of town as their one meal in Portland. Boston does have a ton of good bistros right now--

      2. Considering I added about 50 places to eat in the other thread on the board, I'll add this one which nobody has mentioned in awhile. I've been a couple times and really enjoyed it

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          I had brunch at Zapoteca today for the first time and it was really good! I hadn't even realized they were serving weekend brunch--