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Jul 31, 2013 05:28 PM

What's for Dinner #237 - In the Summertime Edition (through August 5)

It's always a good time for a little Mungo Jerry.

In the summer time when the weather is high
You can stretch right up and touch the sky
When the weather's right
You got women, you got women on your mind
Have a drink, have a drive
Go out and see what you can find

And hey! There's a food reference - look at those mutton chops on Mungo Jerry! :-P

So how are you enjoying your summertime, peeples? I'm aiming to eventually enjoy it come the end of August and beginning of September with a bit of time off - and hopefully some inventive cooking!

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  1. Yup, definitely have the cold. It's mostly just annoying because I keep sneezing and have a runny nose.

    Tonight's dinner is a Donna Hay recipe... chicken breasts topped with pesto and cheese, and then wrapped in prosciutto and baked. Nice and easy. Side will be a pesto lemon rice from Kalyn's Kitchen blog. Oh I might do some sauteed zucchini again if SO doesn't mind having it again, we just had it on Monday.

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      Ugh on the cold. Hopefully dinner helps you feel better soon!

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        Dinner sounds yummy julie, I'm pretty sure I've made that DH dish...yum! So sorry about the cold. I hope SO is feeling better and able to give you some TLC!!

        1. re: juliejulez

          Feed a cold, starve a fever. Sounds like you're doing a good job with the cold. That rice sounds yummy- bookmarked for future use. Mr. Berheenia loves Uncle Ben's rice so he will go for this dish.
          Airborne really does give some relief IMHO. I think it is the echinacea.

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            Arggg, juliejulez I'm sorry to hear that you caught the cold. The dinner sounds yummy and delicious and a perfect soothing dish for the germies. Feel better.

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              Summer colds are a pain. Two of my employees are out sick today with colds but so far I'm still healthy and hoping to stay that way.

              I hope you get better fast!

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                Ugh, sorry it caught on fully. At least you had a nice, nourishing dinner.

                1. re: juliejulez

                  Here's to hoping it stays in the nose and doesn't head south for the lungs. I know it is probably a bunch of hooey but i sucked on Cold-Eeze and it seemed to help. My bf did not and had it way worse than me. The lemon pesto rice sounds great. I am hijacking that one. Get better

                2. Wife's out with the athlete tonite, so I'm woodshedding frites in case I have to make them on short notice. The rotisserie bird was en pointe as well.

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                    1. I'm in such a cooking rut. Hoping that reading and contributing here more, will help me out of it!

                      soooo.. day before yesterday I made a tomato sauce with eggplant and mushrooms, simmered long and slow for hours. At the end, on a whim, I added a tablespoon of Chinese chili bean paste and a tablespoon of honey.
                      The sauce was awesome! Lightly spicy and with a lovely round complex flavor. Had it over spaghetti with lots of grated Parmesan

                      Yesterday I made a noodle salad (rice noodles, carrots, cucumbers, lots of mint/basil/coriander, a dressing of chili oil, sesame oil, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar). Sprinkled with toasted peanuts and topped with a small piece of seared salmon, it was the perfect dinner for a hot summer night.
                      I'm having the left overs (with cubes of freid tempeh instead of the salmon) for lunch today.

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                      1. re: Klary

                        doesn't sound like much of a rut to me, it all sounds delicious!

                        1. re: GretchenS

                          it was, it's just that I keep making the same things... I miss that feeling of playing with ideas in my head and being creative and trying out new stuff! though I guess that adding honey and chili paste to my tomato sauce was a step in the right direction :)

                        2. re: Klary

                          Sounds great to me Kiary! Welcome to our virtual dinner table!

                          1. re: Klary

                            The WFD threads have helped me through many a rut. Welcome!

                            1. re: Klary

                              I think that your dinners sound light and delicious. WFD is a great place to get inspired. I read a post and get inspired to try things here often. Welcome to the dinner table.

                              1. re: Klary

                                Thanks for pulling up a chair and joining us at the WFD table.

                              2. July was a busy ol' month, and there is more to come yet as it is the annual summer survival festival in my little area finished off this weekend with beer gardens and the island in the bay becoming a party island for 3 days. Since I work in the closest liquor store, I'm on night shifts serving the already inebriated more booze. Not much time to cook..

                                Last night I had a bowl of spring sauce and pasta from the freezer. The SO was nice enough to heat it up so it was good to eat when I got in just after 9. Tonight will be meatloaf and mash, all of which I'll have ready to go before I leave for work later on.

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                                1. re: Musie

                                  Oooh, I love meatloaf Musie, you've made me crave it!! Do you have a favourite recipe or do you vary depending on your taste at the time? I have one recipe that I use most of the time but I also like to mix it up from time to time with an Italian inspired meatloaf and of course Paul Prudhomme's Cajun classic.

                                    1. re: Breadcrumbs

                                      I tend to use a recipe I got from a magazine that essentially just gives you the ratios of meat to binder to extras, each time I make meatloaf, it is different. I ended up making one with minced beef, baby kale, roasted peppers and mushrooms with oats as the binder. It also suggests some simple glazes with a ketchup base, but I ended up making one from red pepper jelly instead which went well.