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Jul 31, 2013 05:05 PM

Going to Noord on Friday, What Should We Order?

My daughter was just invited to the Phillies game on Friday, so that means my wife and I are on the loose. We have decided to try Noord for the first time. What dishes should we be trying?


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  1. Bitterballen
    Chopped liver

    1. We will be going soon also. We were told not to miss the herring sliders. So many things sound interesting!

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      1. re: sylviag

        I'd skip the herring sliders in favor of the smorrebrod, I'm not a big fan of the potato roll the sliders are served on. Also, I've preferred the appetizers I've had to the entrees. Also #2, the dishes are mostly very big, the smorrebrod is like an entree for me. Usually when we go we get 3 or 4 appetizers (for two people) and split dessert and that's more than enough. Don't skip dessert, they're great.

        1. re: Buckethead

          "Also #2, the dishes are mostly very big, the smorrebrod is like an entree for me."

          Are you male or female?

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              Going tomorrow w/ 3 other guys all well over 6 feet and 200lbs. Wanted to know if you'd consider the portion large for "everyone".

              1. re: Chinon00

                Haha sorry, no, maybe not everyone. It is probably the biggest appetizer, 3 open-faced sandwiches on substantial slices of bread with (I'm guessing) about half a cup of fish per slice. It depends what's on the smorrebrod that day though, once it had prawns and there were only a couple on the one sandwich. But there was another sandwich piled high with smoked salmon on the same plate. It's also possible that I've been getting a slightly bigger portion, we've been regulars there since it's opened.

      2. Here's the report...

        We shared the Bitterballen appetizer and for entrees, my wife ordered the haddock and I ordered the soft shell crab special. For dessert, my wife had the butter cake and I had the chocolate bread pudding.

        Okay, that was a LOT of food, especially the desserts. You definitely get some value for your money here. You will not leave hungry and we thought all of the food was really good.

        The soft shell crabs were fried and served over watermelon, pickled watermelon rind, goat cheese, and arugula. My wife loved the haddock, which was served with crab meat, corn, and pickled peaches. Both were wonderful, light, summer dishes.

        As for Chef Lachman, not only was he working the kitchen, but at various times we saw him help carry a table and chairs outside to seat a couple, take that table's order and deliver their plates, and stop by other tables to chat with customers. He was a very gracious host and we are eagerly anticipating our next visit.

        1. Quick review (8/2/13):
          I had the following:
          - Loved the pork balls
          - Sliders were good but bread was too sweet/starchy. Overwhelmed things a bit.
          - Livers were what I expected (solid)
          - Halibut w/ corn very nice
          - Rabbit disappointing. Rabbit is notoriously dry and I figured the confit would help. No; and there was virtually no sausage and lardons which really would have helped as well.
          And despite the chef/owner's comments (wine lover) this place required beer not wine.
          Things like the strong fennel in the salmon soup, the herring, sauerkraut, mustards, I find a very difficult match for just about any wine.

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          1. re: Chinon00

            Was there 8/17, got parking space just outside the door. Loved the look of the place, light came through everywhere. The chef/owner was very hospitable and staff qualified and friendly.
            l drank beer which was perfect, my companion had wine which was not perfect for the food.
            As all, found the bread with the sliders to be overwhelming, and skipped them. The herring tasted like the herring in wine by Vita or Acme.
            l liked the smorrebrod but found it large but very simplistic compared to others l have enjoyed.
            Bitterballen were crisply fried
            Mussels were a bit overcooked
            Lamb burger was huge and perfectly cooked
            For dessert had the butter cake and the chocolate bread pudding, enormous portions, but we were not thrilled with either of them.
            Result, liked the place a lot but probably not back for the food.

            1. re: Delucacheesemonger

              Thanks for these two rundowns, Chinon00 and Delucacheesemonger. These are pretty useful!