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Jul 31, 2013 04:19 PM

Boqueria Flatiron - No reservations, is it worth waiting for?

I have a Blackboard Eats offer for Boqueria, and am thinking about going next Monday. They don't take reservations for 2, and we hate long waits. I'm hoping Monday may not be as busy as other nights. Does anyone know how long it is likely to be at around 8 PM? Is the food good enough to justify waiting for?

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  1. My experience has been flatiron is always slammed but soho location is larger and less loud, i would recommend that location for 8pm or flatiron earlier in the evening. I visit most for tapas and drinks vs a full meal from the dinner menu, the padron peppers are a must but skip their spanish tortilla, nice cheese variety and wines by the glass.

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      Thanks, but unfortunately the BBE deal is for the Flatiron location only, so doesn't sound promising. We might just stop by and see how long the wait is, and go somewhere else if it is too long.

      1. re: rrems

        I think its worth a bit of a wait, especially if you can loiter near the bar with sangria :)
        Otherwise rains law room on 17th is great for drinks, i haven't had any food there though.

    2. Rrems: Take another look at your BlackboardEats coupon. Mine has both locations listed and is good for 1 visit to each. I went to Flatiron the other Friday and @ 7pm there was an hour wait (and we left). At Spring Street I have never had to wait provided I was there 7pm or earlier. The food, BTW, is delicious.

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        Yes, I checked and you are right. I'd forgotten about the Soho location because when I got the offer I figured since 19th St. is closer for me that would be the one to go to. 7 is earlier than we would be going, but if Soho is generally less busy I think it will work. Thanks.

      2. Reporting back. We took the advice below and went to the Soho location. We were seated immediately, at 8:00. Service was excellent. Food was impressive. We had a wonderful squid salad, very rich and good croquetas, tasty lamb meatballs, pork belly that was extremely fatty and melted in the mouth (not for everyone, but we love it this way), and bluefish which was good but not special. The sangria was delicious. It's a good deal with the Blackboard Eats discount, but otherwise a bit pricy.