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Jul 31, 2013 04:14 PM

Mike's Deli - Old Saybrook

This place had several mentions in other threads but I thought it deserved one of its own.

Originally a deli located at Rt. 1 and Chalker Beach Road, Mike added a sit-down restaurant next door, but because of slow business, the restaurant is now only open on weekends. We opted for take-out sandwiches, and even though he was tending the shop alone and it was near closing time, M. graciously offered to heat up the grill for us. I opted for a reuben, and DW had a cheeseburger. They were both quite good, especially when eaten in the open air at Saybrook Point.

The deli also had a good selection of meats, salads and frozen entrees, but we'll have to try those later.

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  1. Mike's makes a terrific prime rib sub. It's only available on Friday and Saturday after 11:30 am. Try it. You'll like it. Even better than Maypo! That's a reference for all the older Hounds.

    1. Mike's is our mandatory stop on the weekends at the shore. Sandwiches are good, try the prime rib or smoked kielbasa if it's a special. Then pick up steak and sausages for grilling.

      1. While I would concur on the quality of the food - I would tell you the owner is a royal pia and difficult to deal with -

        You ask a simple question and its an insult to him

        For the prices you pay for his food - I expect a little customer friendliness -

        I return here in spite of myself - but if I see him behind the counter I generally turnaround and walk out -

        I consider myself easy to get along with and dont complain about food spots even when I should -

        But - if I can't get an answer without a snippy side to it - I can take my $$ elsewhere - they are not that much better for the same sandwich I can get elsewhere in/around town.

        thats my 2 cents..... B-0

        1. Few is right, the owner leaves much to be desired. I ordered a roast from him picked it up and when opened up it was the entirely wrong cut. When returned he made out it was my fault. that he did not understand what I had ordered. That was the last time I will ever go into his shop. I to am easy to get along with but his attitude was totally obnoxious. There are many other places with great sandwiches and meats to spend your money.
          Bliss in Westbrook is great.

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            Strange, I had read similar comments in reviews on other sites, but as I mentioned above, he was quite cordial to us even though it put him to some extra work.

            Thanks for the tip about Bliss. I'll try that next time we need takeout.

          2. I was told this was going to close and I didn't beleive it - thebn well - this was shared with me the other day and I will pass it along about Mike of Mikes Deli

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            1. re: few

              Wow, your instincts were correct, few. I know other women who never felt comfortable either in there when he was waiting on them but I never thought it would come to this.

              1. re: chowmensch

                Went by there today.....still open....

              2. re: few

                Aww c'mon....he prolly just wanted to spank your ass. That's worth a free sandwich, no?