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Jul 31, 2013 02:41 PM

new haven: skappo vs tre scalini vs l'orcio?

hi everybody,
my parents are coming into town this weekend from the west coast and i would like to take them to a nice italian dinner in new haven. i've seen skappo, tre scalini, and l'orcio mentioned on the board... if u could go to just one where would u go? any place i'm missing?

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  1. It depends entirely on what kind of a meal you want.

    Skappo is more casual, and they specialize in small plates (think Italian tapas) . The food is really, really good and very fresh. You also may be seated at the communal table, with other parties. It can get pretty loud in there, especially if the son comes out and sings. 'Mama' is charming and will greet every table and chat with you. It reminds me of going to my Italian relatives and the chaos that entails. Don't get me wrong, I love it here- it just depends on what you want from the restaurant. If you want a quiet place to catch up with mom and dad, I would not recommend it.

    L'orcio and Tre Scalini are more upscale, and have dishes that people might be more used to in an Italian restaurant. They tend to be more sedate. I personally prefer L'orcio, especially if you can get a table outside on the patio. I would put these two on par with each other (although I havent been to Tre Scalini in few years).

    I hope that helps- I would be interested to find out where you wind up!

    1. I can't make a valid comparison among your choices, but Tre Scalini is a place where we often meet my in-laws for dinner. It's upscale and dependable, which is important because my mother-in-law does not deal well with surprises. It has all the usual dishes and trappings that someone would expect in a restaurant of that ilk. My caveat is to ask the prices of specials before ordering, since they can be higher than the regular menu items (something I routinely ask).