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Jul 31, 2013 02:28 PM

Cronuts in Austin...

Where can my I find the best for my little sister?

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  1. Barley Swine has a croiss-o-nut which is a yummmmy version of a cronut...

    1. This was in Virginia Wood's column in this weeks Austin Chronicle:

      There was a little flurry of activity on Twitter this weekend when local people started talking about buying cronuts at the scratch bakery in the new H-E-B at Mueller. In case you haven't heard about cronuts, they are a croissant/doughnut hybrid developed at the Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City that took the pastry scene by storm. News reports show lines of folks willing to pay $5 each for the distinctive pastry and the bakery only makes 250-300 of them a day. Based on my informal survey of high-profile local bakeries, there are currently no cronuts in Austin; turns out the pastry for sale at the H-E-B is a sugar-coated "croissant doughnut" and not like the NYC original at all. Bakery owners Jim Murphy (Sweetish Hill), Stephanie Schuster (Upper Crust), and Art Silver (Quack's 43rd Street Bakery) said they haven't noticed a groundswell of Austin customers demanding cronuts. And although all three shops produce the laminated pastry dough necessary for croissants every day, none of them is likely to produce cronuts because they aren't equipped with deep fryers.

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        ahhh... so perhaps Barley swine is a close as you will get in Austin

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          HEB has been selling glazed fried croissants for quite some time. At least, I've been picking those bad boys up for breakfast at the Parmer/McNeil one for several years now. Not quite the same as a cronut, but probably hits many of the same notes.

        2. La Patisserie is making something like a cronut called a crobrio. portion of sales go to urban roots.

          1. Got a new one to add to this post:



            Look at Artisan Bistro's Facebook page for the hours of availability of their crognet !