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Jul 31, 2013 02:08 PM

Twist Updates?

Hello All:

Any updates on Twist by Pierre Gagnaire? I have a res there for Saturday night but am thinking of switching it for Le Cirque. I'm looking for a romantic restaurant to celebrate an anniversary dinner.

Recent reviews I have read seem to indicate a drop in service level at Le Cirque and I did indeed experience a little bit of ball dropping on Le Cirque's behalf during some e-mail correspondence with them. Nothing serious but that, combined with reports of diners requesting and not receiving tables with fountain views on special occasion dinners and then experiencing aloof service, had me choose Twist for this reservation.

The reports on Twist, however, are mixed but nothing very recent has been posted since the chef change earlier last year other than a few reviews I have read online. I understand the difference in style between these two places and am intrigued by Gagnaire, having dined in and enjoyed his eponymous restaurant in Paris, but I am also concerned Twist does not match the level of his Parisian restaurant in the same way his restaurant Sketch, in London, apparently missed the mark.

I am also informed that Ivo Angelov at Le Cirque will not be managing the FOTH this weekend while I am in Vegas. Not sure if this will mean any drop in service level.

Any thoughts?

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  1. I've become a big fan of Le Cirque having dined there 6 times in the past 10 years, and having wonderful dinners each time both for food and service. On my most recent visit this past March, Ivo wasn't working that evening, and I was wondering whether the service might not be as wonderful. I'm pleased to report that Ivo has trained his staff well, and service was perfect (friendly and attentive, and I even had a table in front of the fountains without even requesting it). Food was superb too under the new chef.

    I dined at Twist about three years ago, and while I found Gagnaire's food to be "interesting", some of it wasn't delicious. Service was mixed (excellent from the captain, local diner quality from the waiter).

    Bottom line: while I may try Twist again during a future visit to LV, I'll be definitely returning to Le Cirque on all future visits to LV.

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      Thank you for your detailed response Ellenost. Your reports on Le Cirque are largely responsible for my interest in dining there. It is good to know that the service is not dependent on Ivo's presence at the restaurant as well.

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        I'll be looking forward to reading your report on either Twist or Le Cirque. Have a great time and Happy Anniversary!

    2. Actually dined at Twist last night with another couple for a birthday celebration. 8 Pm res hard to beat with a view from every table at dusk. service was excellent from the hostess all the way through to waiter. All tasting menus with lots of options. One or two dishes were just competent (side salad), one or two extraordinary (tuna sampler, soft shell shrimp), everything else good to VG. I'd go back.