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Jul 31, 2013 01:44 PM

Saturday Japanese lunch downtown

We will be passing through Vancouver, staying at Alberni and Thurlow, and would like to have lunch either near there or on the way to Stanley Park. We are having dim sum lunch Friday and seafood dinner, so for this meal we are interested in reasonably priced Japanese that might be different or better than what we can get in Seattle. Not looking for straight-up sushi. I know about Kintaro, Sanpachi, and Guu—are those worthwhile, and what else should I consider?

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  1. Any of the Guu's would suit you just fine. Or Gyoza King, or Kingyo.

    Hapa Izakaya would do too (lunch only at W. Cordova store) but pricier.

    There's also Zakkushi on Robson.

    1. The problem is actually the lunch requirement, most of the places I was going suggest don't actually open for lunch on Saturday.

      Only the the original Guu (Thurlow Street), Guu with Garlic (Robson) and Guu Garden (Hornby) do lunch on Saturday.

      Kingyo does Saturday Lunch.

      Other Places I was going to suggest were Aki's for Robata, Zakkushi for yakitori and Miko for sushi & robata but they all don't open until 5pm. So if you would like a early dinner instead, these places are worth considering.

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        We've got to be on a ferry to Bowen Island in the afternoon.

        1. re: sweetpotater

          Hmmm I would suggest the Ramen places then as they are always open for Lunch, but not sure how you feel about Hot Soup on a warm Summer day.

          You know about Kintaro & Sanpachi but you should check out:

          -Santouka for their special Toriniku Ramen
          -Marutama for their Chicken Soup Ramen & very good marinated egg.

        2. re: moyenchow

          Hmm I thought Gyoza King is open for lunch. Someone I know been there on a weekend. Checked site .... seems to suggest they are open Fri-Sun for lunch, but may have accidentally switched the hours' "pm" and "am":