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Jul 31, 2013 01:08 PM

Waffle iron recs?

I'd like to get one for a friend of mine who is a great cook and loves waffles for a gift. I'm assuming for this, non stick is best? Also, is it better to get one of those flip ones? Is that important? Anybody have one they love. Something that is smaller and easy to put away into a cabinet would be best as she doesn't have a lot of counter space to be leaving stuff out on.

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  1. We have this flippy West Bend and it's just fine. Makes a solid (quality, not texture) waffle:

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    1. re: ferret

      Thanks! That looks just about right for her.

    2. I think the flip feature is a plus for Belgian waffles. I have one. It is my only item of nonstick. If I could find an electric flip one that wasn't nonstick, I'd trade. Nicely seasoned aluminum is wonderful. Unfortunately, no one seems to use plain aluminum in modern (last decade or so) electric appliances.

      1. I have a vintage Sunbeam CG-1, and love it. Look for one of these, and you won't be disappointed.

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            Yes it is. Mom bought it in 1950 when my folks got married, I also have her 1950 C-3 KitchenAid mixer with the glass bowl.

        1. To go in a slightly different direction - we have a Cuisinart Griddler (smooth and ridged plates) and purchased the add-on waffle plates. We use it about twice a week: as a griddle for pancakes, as a grill for burgers when it's too hot/cold/much work to grill outside, or for waffles.

          We used to have a Belgian waffler maker but it cooked unevenly and so we rarely used it.

          1. When I was looking for one last year, I read that the important feature is that it have the ability for different heat settings.

            I ended up with a low priced on at Target that had multiple temp settings and everything I've made in it so far worked great.

            I've made waffles, brownies, hash browns (all kinds of odd things you can do with this thing if you read Pinterest!)