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Jul 31, 2013 12:55 PM

Visiting from Montreal this weekend, please help with recommendations.

Hello everyone, my friends and I will be visiting Toronto this weekend...and would love recommendations for great eats that are within the $20/a meal budget. We will be staying near the airport...but will be around downtown Toronto a lot, especially to enjoy the Caribana festivities.
I particularly love Soul food... do any restaurants serve huge plates of chicken and waffles? I also love a great brunch, great desserts and anywhere that serves some tasty chicken. If any one also has great recommendations for Caribbean or African food, it would be great!
Thank you!

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  1. Might be a trek but the downtown east neighbourhood of Leslieville seems like a fit. The Leslieville Pumps has chicken & waffles, Paulette's has fried chicken and donuts and further east is The Hummingbird for Jamaican/Caribbean. Hope you have a fun weekend :-)

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      Paulettes has closed down & Leslieville Pumps is a Gas Station... just sayin...

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        I think Paulettes is serving until Sunday according to The Grid article.

        If you are down for caribanna be sure to check out the events at Habourfront this weekend too. Their Island Soul festival is on this weekend

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            But I like my BBQ with Bourbon, not Unleaded...

      2. The Drake Hotel and The Stockyards both have awesome chicken and waffles for brunch. Neither are downtown core, but it sounds like you'll have a car. My preference is for Stockyards for decadent

        1. drupatis (caribbean/trini)
          harlem underground (soul)
          +1 stockyards (fried chicken)
          beast (brunch)
          lali bela (african/ethiopian)
          banu (african/iranian)
          is new bilan still open? (african/somali)

          - khao san road

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            +1 for drupatis and it is on your way into the city or out of the city dependingon when you might want to eat there as it is much closer to the airport than downtown.

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              Hi, when searching for more information on Drupatis, I found two locations; one in Scarborough and the other in Etobicoke. Are they the same, and if they are the same restaurant but at different locations, which one would be closer to Mississauga? Thanks again!

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                Not sure if they're the same. Etibicoke is definately closer. Scarborough is on the opposite side if Toronto from miss.

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                  I've only been to the one in Etobicoke but I believe they are the same as my in laws will go to either for the wedding roti and the price, size and quality are always the same.

            2. Thank you everyone, We will definitely check out most of these places....as well as the Island Soul Festival!