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Jul 31, 2013 12:50 PM

Ice Brew and Cold Brew in Toronto? Also Horchata!

Very simple:

Where in Toronto can you find Cold Brew coffee or proper Iced Brewed coffee? The New York Times breaks down the difference here:

Also, is there anyone in Toronto making good Horchata right now? Pretty much never see it in any Mexican restos these days and its such an awesome drink when done right.

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  1. I imagine that new Mexican place in the Distillery (that replaced the Boiler House) would have a nice Horchata (they have amazing looking drinks)

    1. Seven Grams and Te Aro serve cold brew.

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        Dark Horse and De Mello Palheta also have cold brew.

      2. The new place on Queen, east of Bathurst has cold brew & pour overs. Called Early Bird Espresso Bar. South side of Queen.


          had a horchata at this place when it was previously located at kennedy/lawrence.

          according to recent reviews it has relocated to birchmount/sheppard. not sure if they still serve it but you can call em up and ask.

          i also saw horchata being served at the recent harbourfront festival (ritmo y color..jul5-7). not too helpful i know but maybe something to keep note of for next year.

          1. You can get it at Dark Horse and Northwood.