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Ice Brew and Cold Brew in Toronto? Also Horchata!

Very simple:

Where in Toronto can you find Cold Brew coffee or proper Iced Brewed coffee? The New York Times breaks down the difference here: http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/20...

Also, is there anyone in Toronto making good Horchata right now? Pretty much never see it in any Mexican restos these days and its such an awesome drink when done right.

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  1. I imagine that new Mexican place in the Distillery (that replaced the Boiler House) would have a nice Horchata (they have amazing looking drinks)

    1. Seven Grams and Te Aro serve cold brew.

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        Dark Horse and De Mello Palheta also have cold brew.

      2. The new place on Queen, east of Bathurst has cold brew & pour overs. Called Early Bird Espresso Bar. South side of Queen.

        1. http://www.yelp.ca/biz/el-pulgarcito-...

          had a horchata at this place when it was previously located at kennedy/lawrence.

          according to recent reviews it has relocated to birchmount/sheppard. not sure if they still serve it but you can call em up and ask.

          i also saw horchata being served at the recent harbourfront festival (ritmo y color..jul5-7). not too helpful i know but maybe something to keep note of for next year.

          1. You can get it at Dark Horse and Northwood.

            1. http://www.blogto.com/eat_drink/2013/...

              Write up of some cold brews from BlogTO.

              BTW, in the write up of A-OK on Queen for BlogTO they have a picture of the old menu and horchata was on it. Not sure if they still offer it or not as I heard their menu changed recently.

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                I was a fan of the horchata at A-OK. But unfortunately they took it off the menu when the person who was the one making it left the restaurant. As of a few weeks ago they still didn't have it back.

              2. You can get horchata at a couple places in Kensington (El Trompo and the shop that sells tamales/pupusas). Good for a fix, but I didn't think either one was that good (I've also seen horchata 'mix' in one of the latin american grocery stores in Kensington). And there's a cocktail at Samuel J. Moore which I thought was sort of reminiscent of horchata (the one with oatmeal milk in it).

                1. Ernesto at El Asador on Bloor makes a delicious Horchata. He runs out though and only makes it once or twice a week I believe.

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                    i will vouch for this - was just in there to grab a fish burrito (only burrito worth eating right now, imo - burrito boyz is a shame bag, burro shot themselves in the foot when they went one size only, mexican salsas is flavourless, taking suggestions tho) and homie brought up a fresh jug of horchata as i was leaving. i grabbed a glass on the way out and i am not mad at all, it's really, really great. cinnamony and sweet and milky it's like the best chocolate milk in the game pretty much. blows the other ones in toronto (i can only remember having one at el trompo maybe but i know i've had it a couple times? and some shitty mexican place in hamilton) out of the water.

                  2. I was walking along Yonge street north of Welsley and noticed a sign for Como En Casa (www.comoencasa.ca) and saw that they had a sign that said they have Horchata.

                    1. Are all the Horchatas found of the Mexican variety? (Rice milk) or were there any places selling actual leche de chufa? (Tiger nut milk) like in Valencia, Spain?