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Jul 31, 2013 12:14 PM

How to best store vanilla

I have like 10 vanilla beans I don't want to dry out. What's the best way to store them as it will probably take me a while to use them.

Also?? I thought I could use a few for making my own extract but my husband thinks that's a waste of delicious fresh vanilla. Is it better than the real bottled extract?

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  1. Store them in a sealable vial, like a test tube with a rubber stopper. Hubby may be correct (a rarity) don't make your own extract, instead after you use the vanilla bean, dry it and place in your sugar jar.

    1. I don't waste the vanilla bean... I use it, THEN put in a bottle with vodka. So, if anything, a waste of vodka ;-) I just add more spent beans and more vodka as needed.

      Storing the unused beans in anything airtight should be fine.

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        I like this idea more, since most of the applications of vanilla beans I see involve for example steeping them in hot milk before making ice cream, or other ways that won't extract all of the flavor. So after using it in one thing you can throw it in some alcohol to really pull everything out of it, right?

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          Ooh this is a good idea. Use my spent pods in sugar and vodka....