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Jul 31, 2013 11:32 AM


I just "discovered" several cans of canned sardines in my pantry. Other than canapés and salad topping, how else can it be prepared?

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  1. One of my absolute favorite's is with Pasta .What I do is combine fresh (or canned) tomatoes ,capers maybe olives and toss with a long macaroni such as Buccatini but of course spaghetti will do top with toasted bread crumbs again cheese will do.Don't add too much salt

      1. My Dad liked sardines in mustard sauce. As a tewwn-teen would pack his lunch for shift work at an oil refinery in PA along Delaware River. He always wanted them OUT of the can and in some other container. Back then they came with a "key" and if that went bad... you might be SOL!?! Always like mustard but never like sardinges back then... MANY years ago. Decided to try them again... know taste in other food have changed a lot since being a kid. NAH, not for me!

        1. I love sardines as is, topped with mustard or hot sauce.

          I eat them sorta-scrambled, with eggs.

          I like them mashed with a bit of garlic and neufchatel and topped with capers and spread on a rye-krisp.

          I toss with pico de gallo and eat in a halved avocado.

          But I love love love sardines.

          1. Hopefully, they are in oil, any oil. If in water, please discard. They will be sawdust when opening the can.
            I like mine simply with freshly cracked pepper. Yes, I share them with the feline. Sans pepper for her.