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Jul 31, 2013 11:26 AM

Sierra Nevada IPA or Torpedo

Anyone know if and where I can get some in MTL?

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  1. I seriously doubt it, I've never seen in any beer deps before. May I suggest the wonderful McAuslan, Boreale and L'Alchimiste IPA's that are easily available?

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    1. re: ScoobySnacks20

      'Tis what I thought... ! I enjoy McAuslan, Boreale, L'Alchimiste, - as well as the Shipyard from Maine found at SAQ -, but would sure like to have a larger choice.

      And the Torpedo can't be beat or matched.

    2. According to Bieres du Quebec there are 71 IPAs made in Quebec

      It sounds like a visit to Peluso is in order

      1. To be frank, the options for microbrew IPAs in Montreal (and the Province Quebec in general) are very, very plentiful.

        Simply go to Fromagerie du marché Atwater, Depanneur Rahman on Laurier or, as previously mentioned, Peluso. You'll find much better than Boreale.

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        1. re: Siumaieater

          Peluso, Fromagerie Atwater are great, as are our local brews (personal fave being Pit Caribou). I just really enjoyed Sierra Nevada's Torpedo this summer while in Atlanta, and didn't bring enough back with me. Had a craving for it is all.

        2. Unfortunately Sierra Nevada isn't sold here. It's one of my bf's favorites and every few months we take a trip down to Plattsburgh to grab a few cases.

          He's a huge IPA lover and really likes Dieu du Ciel's Corne de Diable (along with a bunch of their other styles).

          1. There's a few local options for IPAs, but by and large there is more of a Belgian influence on local brewers than a west coast US microbrew influence, which IMPO is a good thing.

            The main problem with beer in Quebec is distribution, there aren't many outlets beyond the main marches and a handful of super-deps, the large conglomerates still control supermarkets shelf space and most taverns' taps.